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Published on May 14th, 2021 | by Sumit Bhowal

5 Tactics to Help a Brand and Influencer Strengthen their Social Media Presence

The concept of influencer marketing is very lucrative.

Whether it is a fashion brand like CHANEL or an ice-cream brand Baskin Robbins all are after social media limelight. Irrespective of a small or big business, everyone wants to become a part of the social bandwagon.

Overnight the digital world has transformed the advertising space. The influencer marketing is expected to grow by $13.8 billion in 2021. There is no end to the influencing world, as from ancient times, our purchase decisions are driven by strong opinionated personalities.

Now, how will you approach one of these creative personalities or how will you grab their attention? Is this what you are thinking? Have a look at these listed points.

These practices will surely lure their attention towards your brand and respective product or item. They might as well approach for a collaboration if one finds you interesting for their own online presence enhancement.

As we know the ship sails both the ends, it cannot function in absence of any one of the parties in the social media world. Thus, there is no looking back once you jump in the pull of creativity and innovation online.

Let’s get into some tactics to sustain your online presence longer and stronger than your competition.

5 Tactics to Strengthen Your Social Media Presence Online

1. Lookout for new platforms

With the digitization and its profit generating potential, businesses are eyeing to develop new social media platforms every day. For instance, TikTok, this platform had become a huge deal for people when it emerged in the online world. Influencers had gathered immense profit with their followers just by being on the platform.

As a brand or an influencer you should always look out for new inventions in the digital space. One never knows what works for him out of these “n” number of creative possibilities.

2. Short videos are game changers

Amidst COVID-19 people have started to spend more time on social media. Be it recipes, choreographies, funny incidence, every small detail is shown through social media platforms. There are many other mediums like post, stories, IGTV, Live stream, that you can use to attract an audience. But if one wants to give informative content or showcase a product or item in a glamorous & approachable way then definitely should start making short videos or reels online.

Being an influencer or a brand you have to look for your audience’s interests. What do they watch the most? Posts, stories, or video, reels. It will help in focusing on only one social media feature and will enhance your content quality.

Expert tip: A brand can also find an influencer who is good at using a particular creative genre online in luring the audiences. For an such a niche finding will help in growing your online presence instantly than your competitors.

3. Visit your selective influencer’s page

To know more about your influencer, you should thoroughly go through his series of work. His social media handle has it all, now what should you specifically look for in your shortlisted candidate’s list?

After looking at these activities, you need to sum it all up into how many activities he performs in a month along with his content creation strategy. Once you figure out this, it will be easy for you to choose and approach an influencer with a valid campaign idea and manage a long term relationship for the same.

4. Like-mindedness matters

If you are an existing brand or influencer with a set number of followers looking for an influencer marketing collaboration, then this point is very important for you. When you are in search of a creative mind or product to enhance your online presence, one has to make sure that his current audience is fond of such influencers.

How can you manage to know your audience likings?

Such an approach will be a win-win situation for all the three parties i.e. the brand, audience, and influencer. You will also seamlessly avoid the rude comments and negativity from the social media platforms.

5. Pay attention to the changing guidelines

Digital world changes every minute with its new guidelines. Ample of times these shifting rules and guidelines have helped in making a brand or breaking its current image. So as a brand or influencer you have to keep all the guidelines in mind while making your own image or building an influencer marketing strategy. A minor overlook of the guidelines can hamper one’s online career as well as diminish their social powers at once. Thus, it is very much necessary to proceed with precaution when you post online for a particular brand or are forming your own brand awareness.

Plan your influencer campaign now!

There is no better time than today when it comes to social media platforms. It is an ever changing and evolving space where everyone has their own unique identities. The digital world inventions are not going to stop for none. Be a part of it and make your own branding niche with successful influencer marketing tactics. Keep innovating and experimenting with the online trends, success is at your doorsteps in the form of online social media platforms.

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