A Must-Read Interview With DJ Mosha On Making Techno Music

There is a fast-rising talent in town in the world of electronic music and it goes by the name of DJ Mosha. Following releases on Detroit’s label Di-Techno, the German artist opens up about his work methods when it comes to producing energetic tracks. If you want to learn more about how you can start making Techno music, then you’ll get the right insights from his clever expertise. Please go down and scroll through the full interview.

1 – First of all, what made you want to start producing Techno?

I started as a “live act” with drumcomputer+synthisizer. After I created the first sounds and drums, I also tried to arrange the new sounds so that they can be played by a DJ as a normal track. And after a while, more equipment comes and expands his studio with computer + programs. I think those were my first real steps as a producer.

2 – You were born in Germany and Berlin is considered the capital of Techno. Does your homeland influences you artistically?

This question is not easy. In the music scene (Berlin), many artists also come from other countries. And these shape the image of the techno scene in Berlin/Germany. For me, as a producer, it is important to hear other songs or sounds. For that, you are also a lot in clubs and on events on the road!

When I think back, there was the “Loveparade”! And the Loveparade has of course co-determined the music scene in Berlin/Germany! And there you could hear many international DJs and their sounds! Of course, there are various clubs in Berlin where this is also the case.

I think just the international situation and the versatility of Berlin have determined my sound!

3 – When it comes to releasing a new track do you improvise or plan strategically its proper sound design?

I don’t plan my songs. There is a basic mood at the beginning of the production. And this basic mood is integrated into the productions. I let myself be driven by my own motivation! If I feel like a harder style then the songs will be accordingly or if I have heard a certain sound that I find good, then it is used in a song.

I think just the versatility of the sounds gives the producer the artistic freedom to develop creatively. And on this basis, you develop further. I find it exhausting that I as a producer can be pressed into a track. For example, I am a producer for House music and go to my studio every day and always have the same beat or sound… I take away my own artistic freedom to design new sounds. Where I also think it’s important that a producer should evolve.

There are also artists who come from a different music area like “Techno” and have slowly turned to the “House” genre. (Or the other way around) as a Techno DJ/Producer I also like various House productions… or better said I also find House elements in different songs good. Just because I started with Techno… that doesn’t mean that I have to produce Techno for the rest of my life, maybe later I will produce “Hard Techno.” 😆 This has influenced all my productions but I do not plan that.

4 – What is your favorite part of making new music?

I think it’s Techno but currently, it is changing from 125-128 BPM to 133-135 BPM. So from calm orderly and clear sounds to louder and more experimental and dirty sounds!

5 – What gear do you use for producing and DJing?

I keep that very simple.
CD Player: Pioneer
Playlist: created with Rekordbox
Mac + Ableton (various digital instruments)
Roland: System 1
Headphones: Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro
Monitor: KRK (Rokit 6) + Subwoofer

6 – Last month, you dropped two tracks “Where Is My Chocolate” and “Here Is My Backup.” What’s the inspiration behind them?

Ooh, tough question! I can’t say exactly… I think I just liked the basic mood of these two songs! They have something light and simple. Just right to sink into thoughts on the dance floor and let yourself drift. Just something simple without loud and grueling “drop.” I think that was my motivation behind it! (Just close your eyes and let the music work.)

7 – What is something that makes these new tracks so unique?

Mmm… for me, I think the even and the easy.

Simple beat.
– Softsynth.
– Light percussions in the background which just swing along.
Especially if you are at an after-hours party and want to come down slowly! (Thoughtful.)

8 – Do you remember which has been the most difficult music project you have ever worked on?

Ooh, yes… I once participated in a remix contest many years ago for Green Velvet’s “Turn it Up.” Until today still not matured! 😄

9 – If the global pandemic finally ends, where would you love to perform live?

For me, definitely not in Germany! I think first of the USA or better Detroit, the home of my label (Di-Techno). If the possibility exists of course also another country. Why not Japan, that would be interesting!

Why Detroit?

–  Just to be in contact with people who have the same interests and work on new projects.
– Detroit is the home of Techno.
– Richie Hawtin also started there!

10 – How does the future look like for DJ Mosha?

The music goes on and on and on… or music is the answer! I will continue to produce and develop new material. I think this is a journey and I will meet many people on the road. Let’s see where it goes!

Of course, I will continue to work primarily with the label from Detroit (Di-Techno) because despite the pandemic and all the restrictions they are working on new projects like festivals and also a new online shop.

I think this is very brave in these difficult times, but it also shows that there is a lot of energy behind it! (respectfully “Melissa Divietri”.)


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