A new Houston venue for EDM RISEs

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RISE Rooftop, an up-and-coming music venue in Houston, TX, pulled quite the crowd last Saturday night. Cash Cash, an EDM trio hailing from Roseland, NJ, brought in plenty of fans looking to dance the night away. RISE features graffitied walls and warehouse vibes and attracts a wide assortment of partygoers. An impressive system pumps the music to all corners of the venue so that no matter where you’re standing, you can still hear the music without hindrance. However, the venue spouts length over depth, with the stage being immediately across from the bar. If you are looking to see the artists rather than just listen to the music, get there early and be prepared to be packed in with other fans seeking the same. While COVID restrictions have been “lifted” in Texas, RISE did attempt to keep precautions in place by asking patrons to wear masks and practice social distancing. Be prepared to have your temperature taken at the door before entering and bring a mask with you. There are plenty of hand sanitizing stations located around the venue but be aware that not all the people in attendance will be adhering to the guidelines set forth by the venue.

Local support began the show, with DJs Kosko and Riddler taking the stage for the first few hours. Kosko killed it with her upbeat, house-based set. Riddler followed Kosko and continued to get the crowd pumping as they prepared to see the main act. A healthy mix of genres of dance music kept the partiers moving throughout the night.

Cash Cash took the stage after midnight and opened with one of their most well-known tracks, “Take Me Home.” They opened with an energy that did not stop throughout the entire set. The group played song after song that had the crowd belting uplifting lyrics. The group did also manage to add variety into their set by remixing some of their original songs with drops that varied from future bass to dubstep and many varieties of house. The group interacted with their fans nearly the whole time, which gave them quite a bit of crowd appeal. Some attendees definitely got lost in the music. The positive energy that Cash Cash’s music brings was tangible during many parts of the show. As one of the first several EDM acts to come to RISE since they opened their doors, Cash Cash was an excellent example of what we can expect from RISE Rooftop. I’m sure Houston can’t wait to see what else RISE Rooftop has to offer.

For more information and to stay updated about RISE Rooftop and their upcoming shows, check out their socials.

Twitter: @RISErooftop
Instagram: @riserooftop
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To stay up to date with Cash Cash and their music, check their socials at:

Twitter: @cashcash
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