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Washington, DC-area DJ/producer Baby Weight’s DJing and production may seem fresh but their lineage stretches back the last half decade.

For the better part of the last five years, the creative formerly known as zacheser grew to a near-breakout level of national respect playing fun, bouncy house tunes to sweaty, pop-adoring, house and techno-devoted fans at the Nation’s Capital’s top venues including the now-shuttered U Street Music Hall and still-thriving Soundcheck. At the time, the sound was the scene: often irreverently wonky and fun.

Baby Weight emerges from a continuing house legacy including well regarded acts like Thievery Corporation, Nadastrom, Tittsworth, and Alvin Risk and more recently acts like Hotel Garuda and ROAM party/collective founder Lisa Frank. The artist has released a steady stream of well-regarded tracks including a remix of blog-adored DC-based producer Eau Claire’s track ‘Room’, which gained them underground respect and co-signs from the likes of Walker and Royce and Shiba San. However, the 2018 decision to open body-positive and gender-inclusive message-driven tech-house label Chub Rub yielded greater renown. This included consistent national bookings and the sense that there was much more than a set of entertaining food puns also at work in the selector and producer’s mind.

However, more recently, the zacheser sound – similar to Zach Eser’s life – became less fanciful but deeper in self-exposition and heavier in impact.

On June 27, 2020, zacheser didn’t note that another top name were supporting a track like their Racecarbed collaboration for hooky, heaving, tech-house groove ‘Booth Bish’. Instead, they made a much more profound statement:

i feel i have both genders wrestling inside of me and it’s a truth that, looking back, i’ve always recognized, but never really accepted. this also means, to some, i fall under the trans umbrella. i’ve been semi-open about this for the last year, and have come out to a few people close to me in my life, but this is the first real time i’ve explicitly said this or expressed this. i’m just pursuing my own truth and that means not being silent anymore.

Cara Eser – now professionally known, five years into their career, as Baby Weight – is anything but silent regarding her thoughts regarding how nightlife and festivals emerge from the coronavirus quarantine.

Dance music was bred from fringe fucking culture. This is our space, and anybody who is an outsider is more than welcome to join. But they need to know their place. Because before they become the culture – as a partier, promoter, whatever – they have to be accepted, first as a visitor. This isn’t bullshit culture. We have a responsibility within our community to stand up for ourselves.”

Dig even deeper into the artist and advocate slowly butterflying her way into the musical universe, and a more all-inclusive world develops. “Music is life” seems a pithy phrase until you meet someone for whom the statement normalizes their radical visibility and creates a kindness-defined space for our shared humanity to occupy.

Read on for a Q+A with Babyweight and their exclusive Impact mix.

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