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When was the last time you heard something so weird and original that you actually stopped what you were doing to check what the heck it was? Estonian producer and conceptual artist Tommy Cash is that weirdo, and we are super stopping to pay attention. His work is largely rapping over bizarro beats built from haunting synths and 808s. It’s a bit unsettling, but in the best way — and his latest single “Zuccenberg” taps NoLa hip-hop duo $uicideboy$ and Diplo to bring Cash’s strange style to hyphier heights.

“This song is made in rage and frustration by the energy that has been boiling,” Cash is quoted in a press release. “You can hear in it all the canceled tours, shows, and the waiting! Postponing! Things shaded by the dumb-ass virus. All my friends whose clubs got closed, jobs taken away. It has all in it. It represents all that boxed in energy, but at the same time it welcomes the future. And shout to Diplo and $uicideboy$, guys were amazing to work with.”

“Zuccenberg” is the first single from Cash’s forthcoming EP Moneysutra, which sees full release April 9. He’s also the guy behind those Margiela bread “loaf-ers,” having collaborated with the famed fashion house on a three-and-a-half minute long song called “Mute” that’s totally silent. He also made the longest shoes in the world with Adidas in March? So, yeah. He’s wonderfully weird. — K. Bein

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