Cardi B Bartier Cardi Flipped to EDM BANGER!!! | Dabid Music New 2018

In this new video, I will be flipping Cardi B – Bartier Cardi and making it an EDM banger beat. Watch how I create the track using Ableton Live and stick around until the end to listen how I flipped the track!

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*About this Channel*
My name is David, I got by Dabid Music on youtube. I am a producer that has produced a lot of music in the past. My goal is to produce quality music. I produce EDM music, Trap music, Future Bass music, Rap / Hip Hop Music. In this channel you will primarily watch me flip Drake, Cardi B, Justin Bieber, and many other artists tracks to an EDM, Trap, Future Bass type beat. I use Ableton Live to remake and remix music and also sometimes use Protools. I am not to familiar with FL Studio or Logic. I like watching other youtubers like Ramzoid, Aries Music, William Singe, Alex Alono, Conor Maynard because they all produce, sing, enjoy music. If you would like to watch me mix more Drake, Cardi B, Migos, G-Eazy, Logic, Kendrick Lamar, or other artists’ music and flip them into EDM or Trap bangers, subscribe today.

P.S. I am also considering making free type beats.

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