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JayHawd: Rising Rap, Hip-Hop, and R&B Star from Hartford

JayHawd is an artist from Hartford with a natural talent for music, a gift that runs in his family. He creates Rap, Hip-Hop, and R&B music, and while he respects music legends, he doesn’t have specific idols for spiritual reasons. His favorite song is “Love & Loyalty,” though he doesn’t consider it the most important.

JayHawd has a laid-back attitude about new listeners, suggesting it would be cool if they gave his music a try. Looking ahead, “Code Blue” stands out as one of his favorite projects, and he hints at sharing some funny career moments with bloopers coming soon.

Interview with JayHawd

Tell us about yourself, who are you and where do you come from?

People call me JayHawd and I’m coming straight out of Hartford

How was your passion for music born? Who are your idols?

Everybody loves music especially in my family, but I’ve just always been blessed with the talent I guess… And I don’t have too many idols due to spiritual reasons but I do and always will however give respect to legends

What kind of music do you do?


What is the most important song for you? What message do you want to convey to the listener?

I would say my favorite song is “Love & Loyalty” not important though

Why should a listener who doesn’t know you listen to your music?

It’s cool if you don’t listen to my music… But it’d be a whole lot cooler if you did

What are your future projects? Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Code Blue will always be one of my favorite projects

Tell our readers a funny episode that happened in your career as an artist.

Bloopers coming soon
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