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Essential Steps on Your Road to Digital Transformation

Digital transformation sooner or later affects every company. In order for a business to work effectively, it is now vital to automate it. Automation and going online solve many problems in different industries. For example, has become one of the most important niches in IT. To quickly and correctly go through the transformational path, you need to understand what steps you will have to follow. It is also important to know the correct sequence of actions. We will talk a little about this in today’s article.

Main internal processes in the company

At the initial stage, it is necessary to automate the internal processes in the team:

• Sales;

• Manufacturing;

• Finance;

• Personnel Management.

For this, the appropriate software, cloud technologies and other platforms for organizing and running a business are being introduced. This process is often referred to as digitalization because it provides the digital foundation needed for future evolution. But digitalization is not transforming the business itself. The company does not yet have digital products and related customer relationships.

It is best to start digital transformation at the level of business owners and board members. They can lead and balance cross-functionalities and show by example how to best integrate into transformational processes. At this stage, it is important to hire a competent developer and use that are effective in your case.

How to overcome fragmentation?

Individual divisions of the company can begin to use technology to create new business models:

• The production function of the business has made progress in using the Internet of Things;

• Blockchain has been integrated into accounting between companies in different countries;

• The sales department began to sell the company’s products directly to the consumer, rather than through retailers.

All of these innovations will not produce tangible results until there is an overall company strategy to drive digital transformation. Individual IT solutions are not a panacea that can make a company become the industry leader in an instant. There must be an integrated and well-developed approach to the implementation of innovations. Investments in IT solutions are justified only when conducting preliminary analytics, calculating payback. Leveraging the functionality of innovative products also means having the right people ready to embrace digital transformation, well-built processes and partnerships.

Moving from partial sync to full sync

The head of the enterprise or the owner drew up a plan for the future digital transformation, and the organization itself began to move in this direction. However, the company has yet to complete the digital transformation in its new business model, and an agile innovation culture has not become sustainable. Digital transformation should not be perceived as a one-time action. It’s not enough to build an IoT architecture.

We still have to complete the transformation. In fact, this is a long process that requires constant attention, deep analytics, understanding of market realities, and tracking trends. You need to tackle digital transformation thoroughly. It is better to create a separate department with a separate leader that could monitor internal and external processes, analyze business results and constantly develop the technological component.

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