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On April 2, Michael Bricker set off on another marathon stream but this time he focused his efforts on raising funds for Stop AAPI Hate.

Whether you were jamming out to his sets pre-pandemic or found him playing one of the countless livestreams he participated in, Michael Bricker is a name that should put a smile on your face if you love house music. Over the years he’s consistently proven his skills on the curation side of the spectrum as he throws down a dynamic range of beats, and if anything, the pandemic further showcased that with his lengthy marathon sets.

The initial livestreams from The Brick House boss were on the shorter side, but as the days of being locked in quarantine dragged on his performances grew in length as well. In fact, the open-to-close style sets became sought after by him, especially after reaching a 24-hour milestone in October – but this San Francisco-based DJ and producer wouldn’t stop there.

Earlier this year, racist acts against the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community began to increase and many in the dance music scene quickly came to support those who had been affected as well. While some artists took to social media, others looked to raise funds with merch sales, and Michael Bricker decided to do one of the things he does best – play another epic marathon stream for charity.

So, on April 2, he hit broadcast on his streaming software and set off on a journey to reach 40 hours. Those tuning in throughout the stream were asked to donate, which could grant them a song request or other incentives, and the community answered his call while listening or partying in the Zoom chat. By the end of the stream, which ended up running a whopping 48 hours due to some technical mishaps, he raised a grand total of $1,300 that has since been donated directly to Stop AAPI Hate.

After DJing for 48 hours on Twitch, I learned a couple of things. The first is that there is nothing like friends supporting you through your passion to help keep you going. Seriously, thank you to everyone who tuned in, stopped by, and supported the stream in a myriad of ways. You all are the BEST supporters I could ever ask for. Thank you.

And secondly, I want to do this again, with a crowd at a venue, and for another great cause. We ended up raising over $1,300 for Stop AAPI Hate which is an incredibly important issue going on in the United States right now. Racism and xenophobia must have no place among us. Make sure to never stand idly by.

In a time when everyone in the world seems divided and facing problems left and right, acts like these truly shine a light on how amazing the dance music community can be. Although Michael Bricker is just one DJ who looked to make a change in the world and give back, his mission is an inspiration for others as well who look to come together to stop racism and support others.

Just because the stream has ended doesn’t mean you can’t give to Stop AAPI Hate. Head to their website for more information and help make the future a better one by donating to this great cause.

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