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Over the last 20 years, electronic dance music, or EDM, is quickly becoming one of the biggest music trends in the modern world. In fact, in several circles, electronic dance music artists now are considered the equivalent of legendary rock stars. From big names to up-and-coming artists, there are a wide range of musical styles represented in today’s electronic dance music scene. But there are also a number of up-and-coming electronic dance music artists who have gained significant media attention. Here are some of those artists whose upcoming albums may catch your attention.

Two rising stars of EDM are Los Angeles-based rapper’s Blu & Exile and London-based musician/actor Jake Olson. The two first met while attending college in Northridge, California, where both began making dub-influenced beats inspired by tropical music. After graduation, they began making the beats as a way to pass the time during downtime in their college days. After a few years away from the music scene, they reunited in 2010 and released a self-titled album. The album went top 10 in the U.S. and around the world and has since cemented Blu & Exile as two of the premier electronic dance music artists.

Another rising star of electronic dance music artists is Calvin Johnson. Born and raised in Seattle, Calvin was first known for his infectious drum beats and high-energy persona. But he has since developed a serious commitment to the art of playing the DJ, and he recently released his debut album “Hang With Me.” The album received rave reviews from local radio stations and was quickly signed by Cashmere Records. Now he is looking to take his music full circle, expanding his musical horizons and putting out a full-length album that will be sure to please fans of both jammy and soulful electronic dance music.

The next wave of up-and-coming EDM music artists is waiting in the wings. Coming from New York City and brought together by producers like J.I.D., Chief Brookes and Nelly, this new generation of DJs and producers are setting the bar extremely high. They are quickly becoming one of, if not the most sought-after DJs and producers in the country. Recent singles have even featured the likes of Kanye West, Avicii and Rihanna, but more importantly they are paving the way for more traditional electronic dance music artists. The producers who are just starting to blossom and take the world by storm are leaving no stone unturned in their quest to draw in the crowds and become household names.

Another upcoming artist whose single “Take Me Away” has been receiving popularity because it is so diverse is the man known as DJ Craze. A long time DJ and producer from LA, Craze is starting to gain attention as one of the brightest rising stars in the field. His latest single “Paparazzi” was produced by none other than Avicii, which is one of the biggest names in electronic dance music. Already, a name known in the area of electronic dance music, DJing and creating tracks, DJ’s are now looking towards the big world with their open minds and ears. This is only the beginning of a remarkable career ahead for him.

One artist breaking new grounds in the area of electronic dance music is London-native Sam Frost. After making a name for himself as one half of the respected house/rave duo Teamonic, he is now exploring the whole world with singles that combine elements from pop and hip-hop like never before. And he is already getting the support he needs from major record labels everywhere. With a steady stream of singles being released each week on major online record stores, Frost continues to grow his fan base and gain exposure with his performances at major festivals around the world, including U.S. clubs and Park Avenue Music Awards.

Another artist breaking new ground in the area of electronic dance music, aliases such as Disclosure, are blazing a trail with their own sound as well. Their unique blend of Disclosure’s bright melodies and wobbling bass lines, with the rapping vocals and hard hitting production skills of Diplo and Louis Prima, have made them one of today’s hottest up-and-coming DJs and producers. The single “Deeper” has even reached number one on the U.S. top charts. With Disclosure’s massive fan base, coming to parties around the globe and with the possibility of major label careers, we can expect to see many more new faces in the electronic dance music scene in years to come.

Whether you love Disclosure, DJ Cajun or any of these other new artists, the chances are that you will soon be an up-and-coming DJ. The only thing holding you back may be the money you want to spend on equipment, promotions and paying for a studio, but the possibilities are endless. Just remember, as long as you’re playing music, people will show up for your sets and you’ll have plenty of chances to make a name for yourself and make a living playing electronic dance music.

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