200 Spotify Collaborative Playlists


200 Spotify Collaborative Playlists


If you’re like me (and everyone else I know), you HATE spending money on paid Spotify playlist placements. They’re risky and can be super expensive, but here’s the good news:

I put together a couple of lists with hundreds of Spotify playlists that you can add your song to, for all genres, and that will banish paid playlist placements from your life forever.

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I’m always curious to know what the biggest obstacles are for artists, so I have a quick question for you: if you could instantly add your song to hundreds of playlists on Spotify without having to pay any placement fees, would you invest $20 to get ahold of those playlists? 


And what if it only took you a few seconds to add your song to these playlists, and that most of them had thousands-even tens of thousands of listeners, and that by adding your song to them, you would be massively increasing your playlist reach and Popularity Index on Spotify-would you want to know which playlists these are? 

Playlist reach and your Spotify popularity index are important

Here’s why playlist reach and your Spotify popularity index are important: one of the most important metrics that determine how successful you will be on Spotify is the number of times your music has been added to playlists. 


When you are added to a playlist, this is called a DATA POINT in Spotify’s algorithm and it influences your Spotify Popularity index.


The Spotify Popularity Index is a 0-100 score that ranks how popular an artist is. As your popularity index number grows, you’ll get placed in more editorial playlists as well in Spotify’s biggest algorithmic (non-human) curated playlists, like Discover Weekly, Release Radar, and Fresh Finds.


Some say the magic number is 50; that when an artist’s popularity index grows to 50, they start getting added to more and more of Spotify’s biggest playlists. 


Factors like the number of playlists a song is added to massively increase an artist’s popularity index. This is why adding your song to as many playlists as possible is so important! It massively increases your Spotify Popularity index.


200 Collaborative Spotify Playlists to add your song for free as Excel file sorted by GenreAdding your song to collaborative playlists works on Spotify’s algorithm, increases your popularity index, and is the real path to getting your song onto a major playlist and gaining huge exposure without having to spend one dime on playlist placement fees.


The hardest part is actually finding and organizing these playlists; Spotify doesn’t display the majority of them in a search but we’ve already done that for you. We’ve organized an excel list of hundreds of playlists that you can add your song to right now and we walk you through it step-by-step to show you exactly how to do it. It’s super easy and quick to do!


So, if you want to be able to instantly add your song to hundreds of collaborative playlists on Spotify without having to spend any money on playlist placement fees, download my list with over 200 collaborative Spotify Playlist links.


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