Dropped Pianos

Dropped Pianos

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5 reviews for Dropped Pianos

  1. DigitalGal

    La musica bellissima. Da riscoprire. Un viaggio mentale in 9 episodi. Il mondo di fantasia. Piano forte più elettronica. Grazie

  2. Thomas

    I was living with Eno’s On Land for years. I gave up hope of anything better. Then someone gave me their album which I loved, and was persuaded to believe there was still excellent music yet to be discovered. After researching and finding “50 best ambient albums”, I had a domain to start looking into. I listened to *all* the albums. I also read comments from other listeners of additional artists and albums who listened to some set within the top 50 and beyond. Through this process I have become thoroughly convinced that Tim Hecker is my favorite artist. He’s nuanced, subtle, lovely, and dissonant. I love him. I’m a big fan of all of his albums (sans 1) that starts with an “M”. David Lynch would have been lucky to have Hecker’s albums in the background of Lost Highyway, Eraserhead, Grandmother, etc. Hecker is a genius. While I’ve had many experiments and experiences with listening to two songs at once and feeling a synergy, Hecker deliberately creates this after exploring and studying the nature of the relationship between “noise and sound”. This album was inspired from college kids (at Cambridge? Oxford?) who would throw pianos off the top of a facility. (A-holes). Anyway, I recommend this faithfully chilling album. It has the capacity to help you better get the nuances of you, like most of his others (if we humans are in some fundamental ways alike). Bravo.

  3. mourneview

    Beautiful album. Highly recommended and somewhat infectious.

    It will slowly rope you in. Then there is no escape.

    Repeated listening highly recommended.

    Very unusual. May not appeal to everybody.

    I loved it so much!… Happy days.

  4. zkizm

    アルバムジャケットに映された印象的な写真や、『Dropped Pianos』というタイトルからも想像できる通り、
    Tim Heckerが同年にリリースしたアルバム『Ravedeath 1972』の製作中に浮かんだアイデアをまとめた「ネタ帳」だそうです。
    「ネタ帳を売るの?ただの手抜きじゃないの?」とも思いましたが、いざ曲を聴いてみると『Ravedeath 1972』では採用されなかったとおぼしきメロディーがちらほらある上、曲の展開やエフェクトが全く異なっていてかなり奥が深い。
    Caribouが『Swim』に収録された2曲(「Kaili」と「Lalibela」)のメロディーをリンクさせて話題になっていましたが、Tim Heckerはわざわざアルバムを2枚出してまでそれをやってしまった、というような感覚。

    例えば、冒頭の「Sketch 1」では聞き覚えのないピアノの旋律が繰り返される中、ふいに『Ravedeath 1972』のラストを飾った「In The Air III」の一節が耳に飛び込んできて、思わずハッとさせられる。
    また「Sketch 2」「Sketch 5」では「The Piano Drop」とほとんど同じメロディーが流れるけど、こちらにはノイズはかかっておらず、ほぼピアノの独奏に近い形。
    一方「Sketch 4」はメロディーが全く違うのに、急に「The Piano Drop」の震えるようなノイズが挟み込まれる。

    Tim Heckerが、別々に生まれた異なるアイデアを一つの曲にまとめていく様を強く感じ取れました。(きっとSketch 2、4、5を組み合わせて「The Piano Drop」を完成させたんだろうな…等々。)
    『Ravedeath 1972』が好きな身としてはまさに鳥肌もの。
    Tim Heckerのような曲作りは特殊なのかもしれませんが、いわゆる傑作と評される類いのアルバムは「ネタ帳」を聞くだけでもなかなか楽しめそうですし、こういう試みが広まってくれると面白いかなと思います。

  5. ludos

    Più intimo ed essenziale di RAVEDEATH,1972 si fa notare per le sue trame ancora più scure.
    Per chi ama il genere ambient drone.

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