I will add your music on movie playlist for 30 days


I am the executive producer/writer of my Film “Hood Boogas-The Movie” (IMDB certified) – Your track will be placed on my personal Movie Playlist with over 5,000 followers, listeners and popularity growing daily, (over 20,000+ followers on combined playlists offered in the extra gigs) I am passionate about promoting my film & playlist on all my social media platforms. This Gig is great exposure for all Artists in All Genres to organically grow your listeners and increase streams. Often tracks that are placed on my playlist can gain daily plays by true music & movie lovers. 


Are streams guaranteed?

Yes they are, the amount depends on how engaged the listeners are to your song

Can you choose where your song is placed on the playlist

Yes: Top 15 only. Upon spot availability song will be randomly placed between position 2-15 – see extra gig for service order

Are the plays organic?

Yes they are, this playlist streams in a office environment from premium accounts qualifying for royalties. If a listener saves your song your song streams will likely increase.

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