I will aes gold medal winning engineer master your song


I’m an AES recording competition Gold & Bronze medal winner, audio educator, I have a masters degree in audio & have assisted Grammy winning producers on a variety of sessions and projects. Let me help your song reach it’s full potential with a professional master.

How is mastering different from mixing? Mixing involves processing, balancing & adding effects to the individual elements of a song, where Mastering is when final processing is applied only to the overall stereo mix to achieve a competitive sound and loudness that will translate & compete across multiple platforms and playback mediums.

What is “Stem Mastering”? This is a hybrid between mixing and mastering. Individual tracks or groups of tracks that have already been mixed, can be provided for a finer level of control during the mastering process. 

If you require full mixing, please see my other gig: https://bit.ly/2RDJl5Z

Submit 24bit WAV or AIFF files (do not bit reduce or dither).

Examples of my work: https://bit.ly/2ZPB1CT


What is mastering

Mastering is the final production process where processing like EQ, compression, stereo widening, harmonic excitation, etc. are applied to the finished mix instead of the individual stems to achieve a polished and professional sound that can compete commercially against other popular songs.

Do you perform stem mastering

Yes, please contact me for pricing. Please note this differs from mixing. Stem mastering assumes each stem is already mostly mixed and needs minimal processing or rebalancing. The focus will still remain on processing the overall mix. See my other gig if you need full mixing. https://bit.ly/2RDJl5Z

Can I send 32bit files

Yes 32 bit is fine. I just ideally do not want anything less than 24bit. If all you have is a 16bit or mp3 version, I can still master it, though this is less ideal for the best sound.

Can you master mp3 files?

Yes, but this is not ideal and final results will be lower quality. Mp3’s are highly data compressed (lossy). Much of the original information is permanently lost which greatly reduced the quality of the file and the processing that can be done.

Do you also include an mp3

Yes every package includes an mp3 upon request.

What level should I send my song to you at?

As long as it is not clipping the level doesn’t matter. I can adjust the file to provide myself ample headroom.

Do you do bulk album pricing?

Yes I do provide discounts for albums or multiple songs. Contact me for pricing or see the packages above to see which one fits your needs for the number of songs you have.

Do you offer custom pricing?

Yes depending on the situation and track count, I do potentially offer custom pricing.

What if I have more than 8 Stems?

Contact me for custom pricing.

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