I will aes gold medal winning engineer, mix and master your song

I will aes gold medal winning engineer, mix and master your song


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I’m an AES recording competition Gold and Bronze medal winner, an audio educator, and I have assisted Grammy winning producers on a variety of sessions and projects. I also have a bachelors & a masters degree in audio engineering.

The mix can make or break a song, don’t settle for a cheap mix & sub-par results. Let me help you take your song to the next level with a professional sounding mix and master that you’re excited to show people. I work with all genres of music.

Need Mastering Only? See my other gig: https://bit.ly/3aF31Pe

Results are dependent on the quality of the recorded source material.

  • Professional – Quick turnaround times, clear and timely communication, always putting your needs and music first.
  • Affordable – Pro and commercial quality mixes for a reasonable price. 
  • No Presets – Every mix is original and personalized to fit your songs needs. 
  • Lots of Gear – Plugins & gear from many pro brands, including but not limited to: Waves, Sound Toys, Universal Audio, Slate digital, Fab Filter, Native Instruments, Dangerous Audio, Izotope, etc.

My work: https://soundcloud.com/kylehollandmusic


I’m not sure which of these packages fits my needs?

I am always willing to discuss the specifics of your project and offer a customized price.

What does the consultation entail?

Rather than take and mix your files without comment, I will review your files/song, answer any questions you have about mixing/production, and recommend if anything should be fixed, re-recorded, improved, or done differently to make sure your song reaches it’s full potential.

Do you do sample mixes?

Sometimes. please reach to me so we can further discuss your project.

What if I also need editing or tuning as well as mixing and mastering?

I do editing and tuning as well. These are usually advised for modern styles of music because they clean and tighten up the music. Pricing and details are in my gig extras after selecting a package, or feel free contact me for further questions.

What are Multitracks/Stems?

multitracks refer to the individual files/elements that make up the entire song/production (i.e. kick, snare, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, Lead Vocal, background vocals, etc.). Stems are the mutlitracks combined into stereo group tracks (i.e. Drums, bass, guitars, keyboards, vocals, etc.)

What is the difference between mixing and mastering?

Mixing – individual elements of a song are processed, effects added, & volume levels balanced to create an optimal sound. Mastering – additional processing is applied only to the finished mix to ensure technical viability as well as to ensure competitiveness both sonically & in terms of loudnes.

Do you offer bulk album pricing?

Yes, please contact me for details so we can discuss your project and I can make you a custom offer.

What DAW do you use?

I mainly use Pro Tools.

How should I format my files?

Please provide WAV or AIFF files, 24bit or 32bit, and at the same sample rate your project is at. Also be sure to export stems all starting from the beginning of the session (0:00) so that they remain lined up after importing them into my DAW.

Do you use analog gear on my mix?

Yes I can. I use a hybrid setup. Sometimes I remain in digital for added efficiency, but I do offer analog summing as a gig extra. Analog summing entails sending the mixed stems through an analog summing box prior to mastering to be combined electronically just like the circuitry on a console.

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5 reviews for I will aes gold medal winning engineer, mix and master your song

  1. todikprodctions

    This person is very professional: he knows what to do, he explaind the process to me when I was confused and wasn’t sure about, and it really helped me understand how the process is working in the music industry.
    Very recommended seller, he earned his fame fair and square!

  2. asdfunk203

    I found Kyle to be extremely professional and proficient in his craft, with frequent and detailed explanations on the decisions he makes when mixing a track. He was helpful and patient with a few minor revisions that I had and I felt that he seemed genuinely interested in the mechanics behind what makes a song really ‘pop’. I would have absolutely no problems with working with him again. A very good find!

  3. claflier

    The mix is perfect, and I admire the strong dedication and communication; I also learned to make things better for the next recording session. So if you are looking for a top professional mixing engineer, this is it!

  4. bassmalcolm

    The finished mix is fantastic!!! Sounds really pro quality..nice reverbs, the vocal sit so nicely in the mix..much better than i expected..
    I would highly recomend Kholland65 *****

  5. urbanmedia777

    Once again Kyle delivers a superb masterfully-crafted mix/master! We even surprised him with a song outside our usual genre, but being the guru he is, cross-genre didn’t faze him one bit. Regardless of your creative direction, he will deliver EXCEPTIONAL masters you can be proud of and confident in sharing with the world. There’s a reason we always use Kyle. There’s a reason we will continue to do so.

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