I will analogue master your music better than anyone on fiverr


Ultra Hi-Quality Next Level Analogue Mastering,

With over 10years of experience working with major music labels, artists and studios. Specialising in Pop, Rock, Electronic dance music Hip hop, film and television. We use a personalised custom modern Hybrid mastering chain. Combining skillset with the best analogue mastering technology available today. Purposely built to give your music the extra edge. Achieve clarity, Detail, depth, warmth, volume, and dynamics needed in today’s demanding modern music industry.

I can master High resolution for Apples new “Digital Masters” if required.

Our goal at DC-mastering is to finalize your music to a releasable High industry standard for an affordable price.

– Digital and Analog mastering

– Specialising in all genres.

– Hi-quality 24bit 48k – 192Khz Masters available on request

– Mastering for Apple Music, Apple Digital, Spotify, Vinyl press & CD

– Audio restoration

– Album / EP mastering

Equipment: Hardware

  • Shadow hills/compressor
  • Bettermaker / mastering limiter
  • Spl Tube Series
  • Bax Eq
  • SSL Buss compressor
  • Pultech Stereo Valve Eq
  • Universal Audio ( All Uad )
  • Burl B2 bomber A/d
  • Burl B2 bomber D/a conversion
  • Evolving Mastering chain.


Can i get my track mastered in 24 hrs

Yes, there is an option for a fast 24-hour turnaround.

Can I get a Vinyl Master

Yes, I can make A specific Master for Vinyl via request.

Do you master For I tunes & Spotify


Can you master for the new Apple digital.


How Long Have you been mastering For and what makes you better than the next person.

I have been Mastering audio for over 8 years. I have come from a successful producer background that many engineers have not. I work with the evolvement of technology and techniques, I have a degree in audio Mastering which allowed me to work and train with the best engineers in the world.

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