I will animate a lyric video for your song in 2d or 3d

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I can increase your song’s impact and reach with an expertly-animated lyric video in 2D or 3D!

Deliverable of all 3 packages include one Full HD video in mp4, quicktime, or mov format.

The Karaoke Video involves up to 5 min of smooth sweet animated lyrics displaying as your song plays, either one line at a time or individual words for greater emphasis, with transitions between verses. The background can be any footage or image of your choosing or left up to me to use stock footage.

The 2D Kinetic Animation involves up to 5 min of snappy, unique animation. Individual words and letters will be animated perfectly in sync with your music. Background elements and transitions will be created for your specific project!

The 3D Lyric Visualizer involves up to 5 min of 3D animated text and bangin’ music visualization. Background animation will involve abstract shapes, simple particle effects, and/or other non-character scenes.


What do you need from me?

All I need from you are a text document with your song’s lyrics and an audio copy of the song. Song does not need to be in english so long as the lyric sheet is written with english characters. Optionally, you can include footage, images, or references I should use.

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