I will be your sound engineer for mixing, mastering, edits, noise reduction



I will professionally Mix and Master your songs! I will put to use some of the best plug-ins available on the market to make your songs sound complete Radio Ready. I love being able to help make a great song and make it sound even better.


Hey, I’m Murad! I have a studio, based near Istanbul, Turkey. I have over 8 years of experience and to this date have produced many songs from different countries. I completed my education through Berklee Online.

I have a passion for all styles of music and am energized by the process of bringing an artist’s vision to life, helping them create their desired sonic identity. Look forward to working together!


Can you mix any genre?

Yes, all genres are welcome.

I need my audio cleaned up, can you do that?

Of course! I can do any sort of audio editing whether it be podcasts, audio repair, normalizing levels, etc. Don’t hesitate to contact me more about this! 🙂

Is that a problem if my song is in different language?

Of course not! 🙂 Music is universal, the important things are performing skills and recording quality.

Do you have custom deals for EPs, mixtapes or albums?

Sure! Let me know about it and we can adjust everything to your budget! 🙂

What DAW do you use and do you accept project files?

I’m using Ableton for 8 years and yes, why not? If you’re using Ableton too, just hit me up! 🙂

What is stems and how should I prepare them?

A stem is usually an individual channel/single track exported from your DAW. Preferred export settings: WAV files at 24 bit 44.1khz to 192khz. (Standard is 24 bit 44.1khz) All tracks should be comped and exported from the beginning of the whole project. Also, would be good if you provide BPM/Tempo.

How should I send the stems and what else to prepare?

I prefer you to keep everything through Fiverr, but if the file size exceeds, we can go through email if necessary. Please include a demo mix of your song. You can also include references (MP3s, YouTube links) but they should be somehow sounding close to your own work.

Can you provide a free sample?

No, you can find a lot of examples on my page.

Do you also produce music?

Yes! Let me know and we can talk more about production or if you need me to play anything on your song!

Cancellation Policy / Anti-scam protection

Sadly, there are still buyers that cancel the order right after delivery for no specific reason. I am sure you are not one of them, but to protect myself from these scammers, I recently ceased to offer mutual cancellations. Also, there are financial compensations for online copyright/ISRC violation.

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