I will clean, denoise, edit, enhance your videosound, audio, dialogue, voices, podcast

I will clean, denoise, edit, enhance your videosound, audio, dialogue, voices, podcast


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I’m a certified fulltime-Audioengineer and I will take care of your audio. I will do what is necessary to enhance and lift it to a professional industry level in the best possible way. I offer services for

  • Podcasts
  • Audiobooks
  • Voice-Overs
  • Videos (Youtube, Films, Series, Commercials etc.)
  • Games (SFX, Dialogue, Music etc.)
  • ADRs
  • Foleys
  • Jingles
  • Ads and Commercials
  • IVRs, Phone systems
  • Interviews
  • further Videoediting (also using Davinci Resolve as the NLE)

I can also provide a short (couple of seconds) free sample of my edits probono upfront, if needed. But please do not overuse this, since prices are really cheap already for what is offered. The quality passes professional standards.

I will just need a clear instruction of what and where things need to be done. Looking forward to working with you. 🙂


What programs and plugins do you use?

A lot. Like really a lot. But mostly for these kind of jobs I use Izotope’s stuff. RX8 for example. Reaper as my main DAW. With a lot of plugins for surgical but also gentle removal of all kinds of unwanted noise. A lot of automatic and manual gain rides, as well as mastering plugins and other ones.

What are some examples of problems you can help with?

-Humming (electrical devices)
-Hissing and Esses (“sss” in Vocals, hissing from ventilator)
-Pops and Impact Noise (Feet on the Floor)
-Plosives (P, T, K, B etc. )
-Breathing Sounds
-Clicks (From digital problems, CPU spikes)
-Rustle and Wind
-Many other noises

I have a custom need that is not listed in your description…

Sure, can do. Just let us talk about what needs to be done, I’m pretty sure I will figure out a way to do it, or help you with it along the way. I’ve had much commissioned work over the last years, with all kinds of different problems and solutions.

What file formats can you provide?

I can provide what is needed. All samplerates, bitrates, bitdepths and file formats you wish for. Preferably 24-bit, 48KHz of course.

Can I have the multitracks or stems?

Sure. Just ask for it. I will not deliver them by default, except you ask for 😉

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5 reviews for I will clean, denoise, edit, enhance your videosound, audio, dialogue, voices, podcast

  1. davidthies

    Fast communicator. Easy to work with!

  2. garyz13

    I’ve been in video production for 35 years and this project was a real challenge. I had four interviews that were shot over a course of 7 years with a number of audio problems. Bad recording techniques. Interior and exterior locations. Different mics. The interviewees voice had changed with age. Lots to deal with. And… Jake nailed it. I highly recommend him.

  3. schueoli

    Sehr schnelle und gute Abwicklung des Auftrags, angenehme Zusammenarbeit!

  4. raychealwinters

    Wonderful job! I goofed, I accidentally sent the wrong audio file and didn’t realize until He had already done his editing, I knew I would need to pay for a new edit since this took him a lot of time, but he was nice enough to give me a discount for my troubles, very cool of him. EXTREMELY quick delivery. Great communication. Great audio editing. Will definitely be using his services again in the near future.

  5. deedeediamond

    A shoutout to this seller: This seller is a top-level astute professional who works from his heart and goes above and beyond any seller that I have hired. I gave him an impossible audio to clean up; however, he delved into every area to uncover the most that it could be stretched to. He used that latest technologies and used extensive approaches beyond the cost of his services. He is a Top Seller for his caliber of work, his customer service, his ethics, his passion, and his professionalism. I ask Fiverr to promote this seller as a Fiverr Choice and Top Seller. To anyone searching for the best, you found him!

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