I will create 30 x 1 hour exclusive meditation music video

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* I Provide Monetizable Meditation Videos and Not Re-used content *

I Will Create Exclusive Meditation Music Videos For you ,Solfeggio frequency, chakra music, Sleep , Piano Music, Relaxation Music, Spa, Therapy Music, Healing Music, Yoga Music, Binaural Beats Music, Alpha Waves Music, Relaxing Music and More.

Solfeggio Frequency:

Healing Frequency 285 hz

Healing Frequency 417 hz

Healing Frequency 432 hz

Healing Frequency 528 hz

Healing Frequency 639 hz 

Healing Frequency 741 hz 

Healing Frequency 852 hz

Healing Frequency 963 hz

Healing Frequency 174 hz

Chakra Frequency:

Root Chakra 432 hz

Sacral Chakra 480 hz

Solar Piexus chakra 528 hz

Heart Chakra 594 hz

Throat chakra 672 hz

Third eye Chakra 720 hz

Crown Chakra 768 hz

Content Original. All Video clips you get Unique.

FULL HD (1080p) Music Videos Using HQ Music & Fantasy Video Footage, loops, or animation.

100% Copyright Free & Exclusive Content For Every Customer (Never get Copyright Claim or Strike).

High Quality Full HD Meditation Videos and Directly upload Those Videos as per your requirement. 

Note: Please discuss your project before placing the order so I can complete your project.


Your video with music for monetizable?

100% monetizable.

All video Unique?

100% you will get all video footage unique. I will never sell already sold video.

You Will give me music License?

If you want. I will give you Music commercial License.

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