I will create a custom animated loop for streamer and music videos

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*Please contact us before purchase, scope and requirements must be discussed*

*Please keep in mind that the more detailed guidelines you provide the better and faster the process will be*

Hello! welcome to our gig, we are a team ready to turn your ideas into amazing reality!, if you have any concerns or special requirements please contact us!. we can adjust to almost any situation (unless you want us to work in the moon, space suits are quite expensive!), we are here to help 🙂

This loop is perfect for your music videos, gaming backgrounds or streamer screens, we will design an illustration specifically for your song or animate your previuosly created artwork as well (in layers please!), the process is:

– You provide us instructions, ideas or references

– We create a composition sketch

– When you approve the sketch we finish the illustration

– Animation and visual effects

Important Note:

We only create the loop, if you want us to make it a full video ready for upload (loop repeating many times to fit the song) there is a gig extra for you! however this option does not include lyrics, if you want us to add them please feel free to contact us and we can define the details.


Do you create this artwork or is this a template animation?

We do not have templates or sell the same image twice to new clients, however we can use our previous projects as a reference for new illustrations, all and every artwork we create is custom for each client and their projects!

This purchase includes my lyrics on the video?

Sadly, no. however we can do them with an adjusted increase in price and time. (each project is different so it is super hard to standardize all lyrics)

This purchase includes the video rendered with my song and title ready for upload?

It only applies if you check the box with the gig extra, however if you forgot to do it, we can adjust your order later on. remember this option only includes the loop repeating many times to fit the entire song.

Can you animate an already finished artwork i have?

Yes!, but we require you to provide the PSD or AI file in layers to work with it. this will require a custom order instead of a regular purchase, depending on the complexity of your image.

Can you work on any art style? or just the ones displayed in your page?

We can work on most art styles! however some are harder to achieve than others and it may require us to create a custom order for you.

Do the animation follows the rhythm of my song?

We can do it as a custom order!, but the original packages do not include this feature.

Source files are delivered with the final product?

Source files are sold as extras in the gig page, AEP and PSD have a cost of $40 per file, if you request the files during the production process we can make an extra offer as well.

Do you develop music with your loops?

No, we do not develop music at all, however we can add sound effects to your loop instead.

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