I will create a lyric video with live action visuals

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Welcome to my gig, my name is David.

  • Video Editor
  • 7+ years experience with Editing.
  • 400+ projects completed just here on Fiverr

Creating a music/lyric video from scratch can be very expensive and difficult, it takes actors, time, changing location, filming, cameras etc..

That’s why I’m here to provide a shorter and efficient process, which will lead you to having a professional Lyric/Music Video for your song, poem etc..

I want to give a quality solution to artists who don’t have a high budget for an expensive music / lyric video.

What will you get in service:

  1. You can pick font, colors & backgrounds
  2. You get 1-2 revisions depending the package you order,
  3. Cool Visual & Background effects
  4. HD or 4K stock footage/motion graphics (From Elements Envato)
  5. You can also leave everything up to me

Lyrics videos are not easy to make, but I will put all of my effort and energy to create your master piece as you imagine it.

If you have questions, about my portfolio, how will I work on your video, what would I need from you to start the project, should you contact me before you place the order, check the FAQ section down below.

Let’s bring some visual life for your next lyric video!


What would i need from you to start this project?

Audio file of the song
Lyrics of the song

How will I work on your video?

– I will firstly listen deeply to your song. Then I will analyse which style fits best and tell you, if you already know what you want in the animated lyric video and tell me everything I will follow all of your instructions.

Where can I see your portfolio?

Well, you can go on my profile page I have the portfolio on the left side (If your from a PC).
As well, you can see my portfolio on the gig page, scroll through the footage I have there, those are my recent projects.

Should I contact you before I place an order?


My video is in different language, can you work on it?

Yes! As long as your lyrics are in roman letters, I can work on it. I’ve made lyric videos in French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Urdu and many more different languages! Feel free to contact me about it!

I have raw footage that I shoot, can you edit it to a music video?


I already have the music video, can you add the animated lyric only?

Yes, for sure.

My song is longer than 6 minutes, what should I do?

Contact me and I’ll send you a custom offer.

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