I will create a metal style audio stream music visualizer

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I love doing these audio visualizers for any kind of genre, but especially for metal music!

What you will get is a modern metal style visualizer which you can use to promote your band’s single, EP or full album.

It can be a moving logo style, only artwork moving style or all together, artwork with logo on the side plus the details about the song (title, from the album x, social icons etc.)

I will also use particle effects like sparks, snow, lighting effects and a custom moving background that can be combined with the artwork you will provide (if you have one). This will help the viewer to stay not only for the song but also for the video.

You are most probably interested uploading it to You-Tube, therefore you should know that the first 15 seconds are the most important to grab the attention of the viewer to keep him for the rest of the video. This is why I put much effort in first minute of the Audio Stream to make all the particles & motions of the Artwork/Logo.

Feel free to ask me anything you have in mind before purchasing.


What files do I need to provide?

The most important is the audio file of your track. Preferably the band’s logo and the Artwork (if you have one). If you don’t have an Artwork I will use moving backgrounds for the video.

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