I will create a music promotion plan for your next release

I will create a music promotion plan for your next release


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Have you struggled to promote your music releases? Tired of only getting a few plays from your friends and family? Or are you unsure of where to even begin?

Well look no further. I’ve worked in the music industry for over 5 years, helping artists both big and small promote their music.

After working with some of the top EDM labels going today I saw how they do things and I realized: If these labels with hundreds of thousands of fans go through all these steps, why aren’t smaller artists doing the same thing?

In this gig I draft up a strategy for your upcoming release, complete with pre-release strategies and industry secrets that only the big-time players use. I will be personally listening to your music and giving you a step-by-step plan that will help grow your following and get more ears on your new song!

I want to be very clear: 

This is only for the plan. It includes a ton of proven ways to promote your music across all the different streaming platforms. You will be in charge of actually doing the work on your own. I include paid & free strategies, but it’s up to you to invest your time and money on your music!


Do you do the promotion for us?

No, I provide the template and give you all the industry secrets I know of for you to use on your own. These are valuable tools that are up to date with modern 2021-2022 music release strategies

Does this work for any genre?

Yes, because I cater it around your song. i.e. An upcoming rap release would focus a bit more on Soundcloud because of how strong the Hip-Hop/Rap scene is on Soundcloud, whereas Classical or Jazz would focus more heavily on Apple Music.

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