I will create a music video or lyric video from stock footage

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🚩 Hi! I am Adam 👋 In this gig I will create a music or lyric video using royalty free stock footage for your track in ANY GENRE! 🎥

✅ Each pricing pack depends on the effects you’d need in the video and already includes color grading, opening title and credits (optional).

You can add these extras:

  • INCLUDE YOUR OWN FOOTAGE and let the magic happen

(contact me first and lets make a banger)

  • 4K = $75

(8k is possible – I recommend you to contact me first in that case)

(can be subtle almost subtitles, or animated in the middle with amazing effects)


(15 second vertical story and a 30 second dynamic cut of the video with call to action and a simple graphic with the title and artist name or logo)

  • Additional VERTICAL TAKE for STORY & REELS = $50

(I will align each clip to center the actors/objects in frames)

  • Include your green screen recording = $25
  • Extra duration = $25/half a minute

❗️ Please note, when ordering: your gig will be edited ASAP!! If your lucky and Im in the mood – I will make an 12H SUPER FAST EXPRESS delivery for FREE!

Contact me today!



How do you make stock footage look unique?

I don’t see my self as an producer – more like an artist. I will use a variaty of effects and change up the most important shots in Adobe After Effects to get that unique look!

Can you do edits in Cole Bennett style?

Hell yeah – hit me up and lets make the next banger.

Can I send you my own footage?

Sure, we are not limited to this gig. I can create a custom offer for you that fits your needs – you have to hit me up and send me a message to start asap.
I can take over your whole post production if you send me the files.
• Color grading
• Cutting
• Special Effects
Cover Design

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