I will create a stunning music video animation loop

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( please message me before ordering so we can have a chat about your project – Thanks 🙂 )…………I will listen to your song and animate a high quality HD video “Loop, although these are top end animations they are far cheaper than full blown music videos ( people are bored with the old audio visualizer rings ) , these videos look expensive and will help you with your branding and credibility. ( Important ) I animate in certain style, think Sci-fi, Fantasy, Surreal, Unique. Oh and you need to know, I do not animate characters to move. I just create the illusion of movement by animating the scene, then add amazing fx…I also produce music myself and have vast knowledge of most styles and genres, this means I can create scenes for EDM, Rock, Pop, Hip hop, Classical, Country and any other musical style or type . Please check out all my demo’s before you order, if you see things in them you like please let me know. It will give me a good idea as to what you are looking for. If you would like to see more examples please check out my Youtube channel here… https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4dZDV0wRvFMJ6b1fFz5v6Q/videos


Can you animate figures?

No I animate everything around them, I do though sometimes animate parts of the persons hair, sparkles in eyes etc. Not body movement though.

Do your videos have different scenes?

No sorry, these are single scenes loops… they are mesmerizing and my clients love them.

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