I will create a visually stunning music video for your song

I will create a visually stunning music video for your song


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My name is Marc Hamill. I have been working in the music and media business for over 15 years.

A great music video is essential for any song but can be a costly process. Fear not, I have you covered!

I am here to offer a visually stunning and emotionally moving music videos at an affordable price. I am dedicated to making the very best music video possible for your song.

What do you get?

   •   A professional music video based on the mood or lyrics of your song.

   •   15 years experience in media production.

   •   Excellent communication throughout.

What I need to get started:

   •   Your song file

   •   Describe the mood or message of your song.

   •   Your lyrics.

All of my packages include fully licensed stock video assets.

Recent examples of completed videos can be found here:


All packages include commercial rights.

If you have any questions please get in touch.

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United Kingdom

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Jan 2016

Avg. response time

4 hours

Last delivery

about 15 minutes

5 reviews for I will create a visually stunning music video for your song

  1. itsalterity

    I am very particular with who I reach to for music videos. I saw Marc doing some darker video styles that leaned towards what I was looking for, so I immediately reached out and I was amazed at how it turned out. He went all the way with the themes I had and the result was a video my audience is going crazy over! Highly recommend

  2. alex_lacey

    This is my second video by Marc, and I really thought some of the specifics I had in mind were going to be too tall of an order. With that in mind, and what Marc had pulled off with the previous video, I came straight to him as the only person I trusted to pull it off. He absolutely knocked it out of the park and exceeded mine and the lads’ expectations. Real thought went into the shots selected, on multiple levels, and that’s the only way you wind up with something as good this. He was more than happy to hear my ideas and was happy to make any tweaks, even if we ourselves weren’t sure what said tweaks should actually be . . . Marc had it covered.
    Very highly recommended. Marc’s the man.

  3. valeenmusic

    Marc is such a professional with heart. He delivers the storyline beautifully, and adds such clarity and meaning to the words of a song. Thank you for bringing a glimpse of “His Word” to video presentation Marc, as I feel strongly that many will be able to see one person’s vision at Christmas, in what I was truly trying to convey. Bless You.

  4. larajane

    Absolutely brilliant work. I love my finished music video. Marc is so creative and professional and he was lovely to work with as well. He seemed to easily understand what I was after for my song from my initial suggestions and created such a beautiful piece of art for it. Making any revision was easy and fast also. I’m so grateful. Thank you.

  5. adriennemusic

    Seriously Outstanding!
    I am super impressed with how this video came out. The vibe of the song was captured so well it completely accentuates the story of the song and brings the tune to a whole new level with the visual. Thank you so much for doing such a great job! This is my second time using you and you did great the last time too tho because I like this song better because it hits close to home for me, and also maybe because it’s new… lol… you completely knocked this one out of the park! Incredible!
    I for sure will be letting folks know about you and intend to use you more as well! Thanks again! Really appreciate you!

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