I will create an animated, abstract, vhs style music video

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So, you want to bring your music to life through animation? Then you’ve reached the right place! Welcome to RNotte Animation!

I am RNotte, and I’ve been creating animations and making music since college. Animated music videos are some of my favorites to watch, and I thought, why not create one myself? And that’s where you come in!

I will animate via the animation app Looom, add the effects myself via VITA. Just send me your song, tell me what elements you want the animation to have (theme, color scheme, mood, storyline, reference images), and I’ll animate it!

What to consider:

  • Videos will be exported at 1080p quality
  • Song can be any genre
  • Song must be a .wav or .mp3 file, or one I can download from iTunes
  • Song must not be a WIP
  • You must specify the BPM of you song, so I can sync the visuals with it!
  • You may use your visuals anywhere, but make sure to credit me wherever possible!


What is Looom?

It’s a flipbook animation app for iPad, and one of my favorites to use. It makes animation FUN! (And it’s especially good for making music visualizers.)

Do you accept NSFW content?

No, I do not. I can draw mild blood or violence, but anything raunchy is off the table.

Can you animate lyrics in your visuals?

I can animate lyrics either in Looom, or through text subtitles. You decide!

How many glitch effects will you add to the visuals if I request it?

Effects only come with the music video advance package. I will add as many as you need! By default, the video will come with a VHS layout.

What do you mean by “storyline”?

Music videos typically have a plot, don’t they? If you want your visuals to have a plot, let me know. If not, and you just want cool visuals, that’s great too!

Will you make any edits to my song in the video?

No! Your song will stay as it is; I’ll only do the animations for it!

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