I will create and record your song on video with 2 puppets

30,00 $

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LIMITED TIME: $30 MUSIC VIDEO (with 2 Puppets)

Past Projects & Character Voices:


[✓] Write your lyrics  

[✓] Record your Audio

[✓] Mix and Master Audio

[✓] Record your video

[✓] Edit your footage

[✓] Deliver your video in 720p HD

You provide the beat or we will pick one for you!

Puppet Selection: (20+ Characters)

Add Multiple Scenes for $20: (50+ Backgrounds)


Customize your Puppet for $15: (or we will Pick the outfit)

Print your Logo on a Puppet Sized T-Shirt for $25 (contact for details)

All projects completed by the Hip Hop Collective – HDF


Why US?

  • we have been selling our services online for over 8 years
  • we are the Original Fiverr Rapping Puppets
  • we have been featured in the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Tosh.O & WorldStarHipHop
  • we back all of our services with a 100% Money Back Guarantee

*Vocal Trackouts & Lyric files available for purchase, contact us for details!

*We can make Lip Sync videos to your Original Music OR Favorite Songs!


Over $20,000 in Video & Audio Equipment, what do you use?

We are a Full Production Company located in Los Angeles, CA. Our studios are a Acoustically treated with panels and Professional Lighting. We use a Canon EOS-1DX Mark II, DJI Ronin-MX 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer, Sigma Lenses, Tamron Lenses, Neumann U87, Avalon 737, and Custom Built Rigs.

How many Puppets can we add per video?

We can add up to 4 puppets per video.

How do I send you the Beat/ Instrumental?

You can either upload the beat/ instrumental through Fiverr, or you can link us to the beat/ instrumental on Youtube.

Do I have Commercial Rights to these projects?

Yes, you have full commercial rights to the vocals, video & lyrics. However, if you want to avoid copyright issues, then I would suggest that you choose a beat/ instrumental from Youtube. You can do so by searching: “Royalty Free Beats”

Can you include my Logo/ Image in the video?

Yes, we may place your Logo/ Image in the video. However, this is an additional cost.

How should I provide the information to you for the Song?

We prefer if you provide your information in the form of bullet points.
For Example:
1. This Song is for Fiverr.com
2. Its a cool place with alot of sellers
3. Join the site because its fun and easy to use
4. Become a seller and make a little extra $

Can you Lip Sync to my original song?

Yes, if you already have a song then we can use our Puppets to Lip Sync to your track. We charge $5 per each puppet & $5 per each 1 minute of Lip Sync. If you would like to see examples, please visit our Past Projects link in the description.

Do you offer Advanced video projects?

Yes, we offer custom scenes and animated projects. If you’d like to see examples, you may visit our past projects link located in the description.

What quality is the video you Deliver?

We deliver all of our videos in 720p HD, however, if you would like us to shoot your video in 1080p we also offer this service for a Gig extra.

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