I will create animated lyric music video in 24 hours

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Ok first maybe you askin why the price is so cheap, it’s because I’m new here so I’m more focusing on getting review first than the money.


I make awesome custom lyric music videos with animated background and stunning visuals in any style.

I know how to tell a good story through lyrical video!

The lyric video that I make matches the vibe of your song. My Lyric video will be completely tailored to your song story/mood.

What will you get in service:

  1. You can pick font, colors & backgrounds
  2. You can add your own image or video Full HD (1080p) quality
  3.  Unlimited Small Revisions (e.g spelling mistakes)
  4.  You can also leave everything up to me

I will need:

Lyric text file (.docx .txt .rtf) Song files (.mp3 .wav .m4a etc), Cover art or any background of your choice (optional), If you have further questions I’m open to discuss, If you can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact me. 

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