I will create beautiful animated lyric video

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I’m not able to generate ideas for some songs, so please confirm by messaging.

Hi, In this gig my focus is “Fantasy, Landscapes, Miniatures, 2D Stage Games” it’s something I really enjoy working on. I love galaxy, stars, planets, fantasy worlds.

It’s like a good moody scenery running behind your lyrics – such as beautiful 2D games, majestic glow, upside-down grounds & environments like that 🙂

I’m only doing 2D moving scenes just as the attached videos, cuz I’m not familiar with dynamic 3D software or animations.

Basic: 1 bg throughout the song

Standard: 2 bg’s

Magic: 3-4 bg’s

I will NOT do:

  1. Diss-track songs
  2. Sexual songs
  3. Religious views
  4. Political songs

Other than that I’m cool with working on your video 🙂

p.s I’m a solo working artist, I may need more time if there’s a long queue.

You’ll get 100% originally designed content by me, from drawings to animations. I don’t sell templates work, I like creating things myself. rest assured a 100%.

  • Visit YouTube.com/arsacre to see how I do paintings and animations.

Let me energize your song with the power of visuals!


Don’t hesitate to ask questions using (CONTACT SELLER Button!), will do my best to assist you before order


Info about what it includes and what it is!

These videos are more towards good looking catchy visuals and kind of an abstract theme, with beautiful landscape designs. I do not do animations defining a Word-To-Word storyline with climax and stuff, that requires work of 3-4 people.
So it’s more like “Abstract/beauty – Music Visuals”! 🙂

Important Message to read before proceeding.

Please note that I will NOT do any videos related to sexual, political, religious themes or to hurt someone. Such as “diss-track” songs, I don’t randomly want to be a part of a fight between two strangers, please.
Always confirm before ordering, mostly I make videos my friends around, it’s awkward.

Can you create multiple illustrations like 7-8 for my video?

Actually the Premium/Magic package has max 3-4 illustrations. At the moment I’m doing max 3-4 illustrations because of my multiple jobs.
And tbh 3-4 are more than enough as you can see in examples, it looks full.
But if you still want, I can make you a custom offer for it with reasonable price!

Why the delivery time is long?

These videos take a long time to get ready, from making illustrations, text movement and scene animation. Sometimes I’m super tight on timeline when 5-6 buyers order this gig 🙂 so I start videos turn wise. So my delivery time is on a lower side but I assure it will be the best video you’ll get 🙂

Can you also make full cartoon based music video with characters and etc?

Ah Sorry nope, I don’t. Only like the attached samples.
Cartoon based videos require expertise in characters animation niche’ and sometimes require 3-4 people teamed up, which I don’t have so I’m giving what I’m able to give for the time being 🙂

Can you draw a cartoon character portrait?

Ah sorry nope I cannot, I can draw but I only draw for my personal projects, since I am not expert in character, if someone tells me to draw I cannot draw based on their preference.
When I master this technique in future, then for sure I will!

Stock video behind the lyrics is included?

Nope it isn’t included in this gig.
It’s all custom designed & animated stuff 🙂

You do 3D animation?

No sorry, I only do 2D front camera animation as the attached samples.


Please note that the video you’ll get from me will be designed 100% by me from illustrations to animation.
Some people using my work stealing from my profile on their profiles as their own, so please don’t get confused. It happens in every scope, there’s always people stealing others work.

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