I will create custom vj dj visuals for any theme plus animate logo

110,00 $

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Example: https://youtu.be/BuFWPlyiO1Y?t=44

In this themed package I will:

  • Animate your logo one of 3 different styles.
  • Construct a theme from your chosen keywords
  • Sync the visual transitions and animations to your mixing BPM
  • Resource and animate extra 3D elements if requested ($50 per element)
  • Compress and loop the visual for 1 hour 5 minutes, in 1080p
  • Send you the loop, HD visual, and all logo animations created

Or select one of my themes: https://www.abyssalvisuals.com/shop

Common themes are: Cyberpunk, Dark and Voidy, Evil, General EDM Festival vibes, Glitch & Digital Noise, Hyper Pop/Euphoria, Landscapes, CGI Landscapes, Lines and Stripes, Light Leaks, Liquid Paint and Oils, Retro Visual Effects, Minimal Black + White shapes, Smoke, Space, Strobe, and Summer Holiday. (I have a vast collection of this content but feel free to request any other kind of imagery)

Feel free to message for examples or ask questions, I’m always about. If you need any other graphic design work done, please message and I’m sure we can accomplish anything!

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