I will create lyric video plus audio visualization

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I created more than 400 Professional lyric videos over 3 years of experience.

I developed this kind of animation since I observed it keeps the viewer engaged with the lyrics till the end of the video.

It’s your video!

you have every right to apply your design in the video. and it’s my job to create it.

Send the image you want to use as a background and the color scheme you want.

or you can sit back and leave everything up to my taste

Required items from the buyer:

  1. Soundtrack (.mp3 or .wav) 
  2. All soundtrack information (Artist name, song name, album etc)
  3. Lyrics in MS Word, PDF or direct copy/paste.  
  4. Your logo or cover art (optional) 

Basic Package: Spectrum + Lyric video animations up to 150 words Full HD

Standard Package: Spectrum + Lyric video animations up to 350 words Full HD

Premium Package: Spectrum + Lyric Video animations up to 550 words Full HD


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