I will create music visualizer audio

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Are you looking for video for promote your music/single?

You find a correct person!”

I will make animated Instagram Music Promo with simple and modern layouts and minimum duration of 15s (Instagram Stories) | 60s (Instagram Feeds) and Youtube

You can customize (change the color, icon, font and more)

You can make it according to your wishes and needs.

For the full audio spectrum, choose just one type with “Audio Spectrum +” (more dominant visualizer than album cover), you can still use the custom offer

So, what your waiting for?!

Place your order now! You will get the results as described below


  • Size: 1080 x 1920px | 1080x1080p
  • Format: MOV or MP4
  • Smooth Animations



How long did you make this?

According to the time that I have specified, unless there is more request from you

Can you make something i want?

Yes, I can make it according to your wishes, starting from font styles, colors, transitions, design elements and others, because this is not a template, but I made it according to your wishes.

Is it true that with $ 5 I can get 2 video orientations?

Yes, because in my opinion, posts and stories cannot be separated, so I give you both, with simple audio spectrum

Can you make other sizes besides Instagram?

yes, i can do it, for facebook or twitter banner size

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