I will create professional custom lyric videos in any style

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Do you want to get the most outstanding lyric videos and make your music FLY?

Hello!, I’m Serson, a Colombian based pro animator

with more than 5 years of experience in the music industry i have:

  • tools¬†
  • knowledge
  • ideas
  • recommendations

And everything to make your music reach the sky!, just ask for our custom plans and see what we can do for you.

‚≠źHow do¬†I¬†work?‚≠ź

  1. I listen to your music and get into the mood of the song.
  2. I listen to your ideas.
  3. I start sending you ideas for a custom made animations.
  4. We look for the trends based on our music style/genre. 
  5. We create a new idea based on the fusion between every accepted idea

Standard example: https://bit.ly/32Qesmt

Advanced example: https://bit.ly/32NRFol

Premium example: https://bit.ly/2qQAZhV

Is there another option?


  • Do you like to¬†work with stock data?¬†YES!.
  • Shot with models-Actors? we have a lot of artists¬†available.
  • Custom drawings? we can work with the best¬†drawers to make your ideas reality.

‚≠źYou¬†don’t know what to do?‚≠ź

Don’t¬†worry, we can handle the entire project to make it 100% stress free for you!.

EVERY PART OF THE PROCESS will be available to show it for you

We recommend to ask in the chat before any order

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