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Please make sure to talk with us about your project BEFORE ordering! Further explanations in the FAQ section. Thank you!

Are you bored of the same old music video productions? Let’s create an awesome 3D animated music video to impress your fans! There are only advantages: You don’t have to rent locations, pay actors or gather all the expensive equipment – lean back, relax and let us do the work!

Take a look at our Showreel on YouTube: https://youtu.be/jL-nUfL28V0

How to get a Quote:

Each package includes a maximum length of animation;

  • Basic Package (30 Seconds)
  • Standard Package (60 Seconds)
  • Premium Package (90 Seconds)

To allow each project to be priced individually, we charge an $10 fee per additional second of animation in addition to the package base price.

As an example:

If your song is 120 seconds long, we charge the base price of the Premium package ($895 for 90 seconds) + additional 30 seconds (x$10 per second), which would make a total price of $1.195 USD.

We also offer a $45 (10 seconds) test package if you are unsure! Get in touch with us upfront for a personal and free consultation and character sample.

We look forward to work with you! Let’s get started!


What we offer:

From a storyline concept to a cool performance on the big stage, we offer 3D animated music videos with human characters. Feel free to take a look at our portfolio to see the concepts and style we create for our clients.

What we do NOT offer:

This gig cannot be used to create projects other than music videos (no business or product videos!). We do not offer character design from scratch and only human characters in our own artstyle. No fantasy characters or mascots. Also we do not offer 2D animations or customized dance moves.

Are we able to animate EVERYTHING?

No, that is just impossible. We are working with assets, otherwise it would be impossible to animate something for that amount of money in an acceptable amount of time. That’s why we want to talk to you first – so we can figure out if we can get your video done!

What do we need from you?

We do need your song, the script, reference images for the characters and if possible the acapella (without instrumental) of your song. You can also send us details for the credits as well as any logos that should be implemented.

Can you use your own 3D model for the animation?

Sorry, but we are not able to work with models created outside our software. We are not able to use an external 3d model for the animation.

Are we able work out a storyline/script for you?

Yes! We do have an extra (additional costs) for that case. We can create the whole storyline/script for your animation.

Can you create my logo/mascot/drawing in 3D and animate it for a video?

No, I am sorry. We are not able to model and rig your logo/mascot or drawing and it’s not a service we can provide. We are also not able to work with your own 3D models if you send them us.

Are we able to create/animate animals/fantasy characters?

No, I’m sorry. We are not able to create or animate animals in general as well as customized non-human fantasy characters.

Can we create another art style than the one our videos look like?

There are lots of different animation art styles out there, but we are only able to provide the cartoon-like one you can see in our gallery and portfolio.

Can we create a 3D character looking like you?

We are able to create a similar looking cartoon version of you, if you send us a photo of yourself. Please keep in mind that it’ll never look a 100% accurate or realistic due to the limitations of our software. Just message us to get a free sample screenshot of your character model!

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