I will creatively edit, mix and master any song to radio quality


Hi Artists and Producers!!

I’m assuming you are looking for an audio engineer you can trust

An engineer who can add flavor, movement, and life to your song..

This is what I do.

All while maintaining a balanced, full and industry standard mix and master.

I’m not an audio engineer who will just set levels, EQ a few things and call it a day. I recently raised my prices so I can continue to spend the hours it takes to get a Billboard Top 100 type mix and master on your song.

I’ve always felt mixing and mastering is one of the most important, but overlooked steps and take a lot of a lot of pride in my work. So you’re tired of having your friends mix and master your music and it not turning out right. Struggling to DIY mix and master from youtube videos and getting frustrated. or just simply don’t have the time. Please read my reviews, check out what I’ve been able to do for artists just like yourself from all over the world.

Included with every mix and master:

  • Vocal tuning ( Auto Tune Pro and Melodyne )
  • Time Correction if needed
  • Full Processing ( EQ, compression, saturation ect.) with Top level plug-ins
  • Creative effects and automation
  • Unlimited Revisions


What is a Stem?

A stem or tack out, is essentially just a track once it’s been bounced to audio to submit for mixing. EX: I have a vocal, an adlib, and a beat track. I have 3 stems.

How do I get started?

Shoot me a message with the rough mix, how many stems are in your project, and a brief overview of what your’e looking to get out of the mix and master. I’ll get back to you within an hour 🙂

How many revisions to I get?

I offer unlimited revisions! Sometimes, it takes a few or more revisions to really get the sound you’re hearing in your head. I never complain or have any distaste towards making sure your song is as perfect as possible. I won’t don’t charge extra for getting your song exactly how you want it to be

Do you do vocal tuning?

Yes! Vocal tuning with the newest version of auto tune and melodyne is included with every package I offer except for mastering of course.

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