I will distribute your music on all digital platforms


If you want to share your talent with the world, you need to be on every platform. With our global music distribution services, your music will be available on all major digital music stores, such as iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, Shazam, Deezer, YouTube, and many more.

In a few easy steps –

  1. Send a message to receive our specifications sheet.
  2. Make sure all your music filesmetadata, and cover artworks suits with our requirements.
  3. Place an order.
  4. Upload your artwork & songs
  5. You will get notified after the music published. You will also get all the links.

You will also get a –

Being have your own Spotify and iTunes artist accounts will be an advantage for you to getting a record deal with labels in the future.

We have already a lot of artists and labels working with us. So you can join our family and grow your music career.

Thanks a lot!

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