I will do pro mixing and mastering to your songs


For projects more than 30 audio tracks, please contact me for the custom offer! (Money back guaranteed).

*FREE 30-second sample for first time clients on STANDARD and PREMIUM gigs* 

This is a gig that will take your song and make it Radio Ready. In order to compete with other songs in the industry and streaming platforms, there are certain things that a mix MUST have.

Using only the most professional equipment and virtual plugins, it is my goal to achieve just that, and get the best possible sound out of your song. 

Mixing and Mastering Gig Provides:

  • High quality compression (Using analog gear and virtual plugins)
  • EQ (Using analog gear and virtual plugins)
  • De-essing
  • Level balancing
  • Multiband compression
  • Stereo panning 
  • Saturation
  • Automation (volume, reverb/delay sends etc.)
  • Special effects such as delays, reverbs, pitch shifting and more.
  • Autotune or pitch correction (if needed)
  • Commercial Mastering


Basic package DOES NOT include analog processing.


How do I send my files?

Using Google Drive, Wetransfer or Dropbox.
You can also send the stems in our conversation on Fiverr if the files aren’t that large.

Will i get a variety of versions during the process?

Yes. As many as we have to, until you are satisfied with the results.

What If I don’t like the mix?

Its 100% understandable if someone doesn’t like my overall mix and wants something more. In that case, being more specific with what you don’t like, and sending a reference song, can help a ton in order to achieve the sound you’re looking for. If that doesn’t solve the issue, a refund is also valid.

Do you remove breaths, pops, or noise?

I do remove all sorts of noise, clicks or pops if those sounds aren’t audible at the same time as you’re singing / performing. Errors like that cannot be removed without removing your performance’s audio signal as well.

Is it possible to make a bad recorded audio file sound good?

A mix can only do so much. I recommend that your files are well recorded before you submit them for mixing. That being said, I WILL be working with them, but the mix will never sound 100% professional unless the recorded audio files are at least that of a descent quality.

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