I will do professional analog mixing and mastering for your music


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When it comes to mixing and mastering the room is crucial. I’m mixing and mastering in a big room with non concrete walls that is professionally acoustically treated based on the dimensions of the room, its shape and contents.

I have bachelor degree in audio engineering and an overall experience of 20 years in the audio field and 12 years as a mix

and master engineer.

I specialise in: Electronic Music, Hip-Hop, EDM, Trap, Rock, Soundtrack music, and Jazz but I can cover any style.

Pricing : Very affordable for genuine Professional quality adapted to fiverr prices

Gear : Very good analog gear plus best plugins available

Professional communication with fast turnarounds always interesed in your growth

Master is done for: Vinyl, CD, YouTube, Spotify ,iTunes, Tidal ,Apple Music

Over the years, I’ve worked a broad range of projects from inexperienced clients to professional musicians.

What i need from you : Stems in Wav ,AIFF,Mp3 ( 320 kbs ) formats

What you will receive : Professional Industry Standard M


What is Mixing?

Mixing is a technique of blending all individual tracks in one. When mixing I: Balance the levels Fine tune the sounds using eq, Add effects like reverb, delays, compression. All this for the purpose of enhance the sound and crate a good separation and dynamic.

What is Mastering?

Mastering is a process where I transform a song into a final master that translates well across all systems: Radio, car stereo, Cd player..etc. When I master: Balance the tonal balance and the level of the song Control the dynamic range Eq-ing in stereo or M/S, compressing

Do I need Mastering or Mixing and Mastering?

Mastering is recommended only for songs that have been properly mixed. Mastering alone won’t change the problems in your mix. Make sure you are 100% satisfied with your mix before ordering my mastering services. If you are serious about your music go for my mix & master song service.

Why do I need Professional Mixing and Mastering?

For serious audio production is best that you leave those parts to a professional studio which is very well acoustically treated and very well equipped with special tools for this purpose. The engineers use a variety of tools suited best for each step in the process.

What is a Stem?

A stem is a channel that can be an instrument or a group of instruments (voice, drums, etc) mixed into one stereo/mono track (channel) of your DAW console.

What Format do you Accept?

Send me a WAV file or more depending on what service you’ve chosen (non – compressed/converted, looseness) track/s with the loudest part at -6db. The resolution of the WAV file should be at least 24 bit 44khz or more and make sure to record music at the same resolution as you render.

Can I get Radio Quality if my Tracks are Low Quality?

The quality of the final mix or master is in direct proportion with the quality of your recordings (tracks). If you send me a low quality audio track, meaning: low resolution, lot of noise, unwanted distortion, mp3 formats etc.. you won’t get into the Billboard charts.

I see you Online but you’re Not Answering?

Usually I reply to my Fiverr messages somewhere between 1 hour and 12 hours but sometimes it can take up to 24 hours. Keep in mind my time zone also (GMT+3). If you’re not getting an answer, it means that I forgot Fiverr opened on my iMac/Phone App while I’m sleeping or doing other stuff.

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1 hour

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