I will do professional audio mixing and mastering for your tracks



Read Before Ordering!

NOTE! My $15 gig is for only MASTERING.

My MIXING AND MASTERING services starts from the standard $45 gig.


I will Professionally Mix and Master your song using professional digital plugins on a digital audio workstation. The result will be a commercial, radio ready song, full of life and excitement. With over 9 years of experience in the audio business, I’ve got tracks on MTV, Trace etc, I can never go wrong when handling your audio project. Your satisfaction is guaranteed

This gig includes:

1 Sound editing (Cleaning of all the background noises, breathes, static noises etc)

2 EQ processing

3 Compression

4 Vocal processing and tuning (Autotune, Melodyne, Waves Tune etc)

5 Creating depth and stereo enhancement

6 Mastering the stereo track (after finishing the Mix)

So, what are you waiting for? Get professional audio mixing and mastering services for your song or album today, hit me up let’s get started!


Do you use autotune?

Yes, I use autotune if needed.

Can you mix vocals over an already mixed instrumental?

Yes, I can do this. All I need is your non-effected vocal recordings in stems format to get it done.

What genres do you mix and master?

I do Hip Hop, R&B, Blues, Acoustic, Electronic, House Music, Afrobeat, Highlife, Reggae etc.

Do you make custom offers for larger projects such as full a album?

Yes, for larger projects hit me up and I’ll give you a custom offer with special discount.

I’m skeptical about working with you. Can you make me a free sample demo of my song to see if it worths the money?

Sure. Send me the files and as soon as I can I’ll send you free sample of my work (half of the song) After I gain your trust and you’re completely satisfied with the sound, you’ll make an order and I’ll send the full song.

Can you mix without the stems?

No. without the stems no mixer can work on your song.

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