I will do professional music mixing and mastering

I will do professional music mixing and mastering


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— IMPORTANT: Please, read the FAQ and contact me before ordering —

HQ Samples – https://soundcloud.com/sokolovskymusic/sets/mixing-examples/s-UXrfW

Hi, I’m Leo. I have a Bachelor of Art Degree in Film And Television Sound Engineering and for the last few years I specialize in music mixing and mastering. At the moment I’ve completed over 1k orders on Fiverr and I dive deep into every song I’m working on.

Mastering is included in every package


  • editing
  • level balancing
  • stereo panning
  • compression
  • EQ
  • automation (volume, effects sends etc.)
  • reverb, delay and other effects
  • autotune effect (if needed)
  • de-essing
  • removing clicks and noise
  • any additional effects that might work great for your song (low pitched voice, reverse reverb, stutters etc…)


  • polishing the mix with frequency and dynamic correction
  • stereo widening with MS Processing
  • maximizing the loudness of the final mix (or setting up the loudness in LUFS for specific needs)


Accurate vocal pitch correction – 15$

Timing correction – 15$

Sending mixed stems back – 15$

Screen recording of the mixing process – $100

You Receieve:

High quality wav and mp3 files

Let’s please your ears!:)


I have several songs, can I get a discount?

Yes! Please write me a message and I will create a custom offer for you.

Can I get a free sample?

Sorry, I don’t provide free samples but I can make a refund if you will not be satisfied after 3 revisions.

What’s the difference between packages?

The difference is only in the amount of individual track (stems) that you are sending for mixing.

Do you use analog gear?

No. The plugins are very powerful nowadays and a lot of popular tracks were made completely in the box. This approach allows me to work faster because I don’t need to recreate analog gear settings each time I make a revision.

Where can I find more examples of your work?

You can listen to more examples high quality here https://soundcloud.com/sokolovskymusic/sets/mixing-examples/s-UXrfW

What do you need for the work?

For mixing:
Zip archive with 320 mp3 or wav tracks/stems, with all tracks starting at 00:00:00 and with appropriate track names (not audio_1, audio_2 etc.)
For all services
Tempo in BPM
1-2 reference tracks

How can I send you the files?

You can send an archive with the stems as an attachement via Fiverr or via Google Drive, Dropbox, Dropmefiles and Wetransfer. Just upload an arhive and send me a link.

What DAW do you use?

I’m working in Cubase 11 Pro

I just need to clean up my audio, do you provide this services?

Of course! I can do a lot of different tasks related to audio, such as: removing noise, podacst editing, improving the overall quality, normalizing levels and more. So feel free to contact me and I will make an offer for you.

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5 reviews for I will do professional music mixing and mastering

  1. moranmartin

    Leo is the best! I’ve worked with him several times, and it’s always more then worth it. I can’t say enough about his patience and communication skills. But, most importantly, he’s very very good at what he does, and he’ll take the time to translate what you’re trying to explain into the music you want to hear. He’s a true professional, and I look forward to working with him again. Thanks, Leo!

  2. neonevoh

    fast at replying even when we’re in diffrent time zones. does great work! made my work go from okay to making its really pop out! would highly highly recommend Leo for any of your music needs!

  3. alisas1

    Leo exceeded my expectations and delivered more than I asked for! His communication and positivity is exceptional and he has SKILLS!!! I was so happy with my track in progress that I started a new track right away! I feel very fortunate to have found him and recommend him 101%!

  4. vezypoo

    make this song me and my friends did as a joke sound like a real professional song, way better than i could have expected. Will for sure come back for more!

  5. darious4u

    It was amazing to work with this artist. He was very patient and understanding with someone that is very new in this industry. I will definitely recommend this artist to anyone and will work with him in the near future. Thank you!!!!

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