I will edit, mix and master your metal, rock, djent, prog music to sound brutal

I will edit, mix and master your metal, rock, djent, prog music to sound brutal


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Metal is our passion!

Each of our mixes has been produced with the necessary time and dedication for them to sound at 100% of their potential!!

To achieve this, we will use all the resources at our disposal (drums samples, drums replacement, vocal tuning, instrumental editing, reamp D.I guitars and D.I basses.)

Based on musical decisions we will accomplish that destructive and clear sound characteristic of those bands that you enjoy the most.

Please contact us before ordering!

We want to be clear about your tastes and your goals!

We will need you to have everything ready:

  • Tracks in .wav format.
  • Tempo maps.
  • Midi drum file (if you have it.)
  • A reference track of an Artist which resembles your idea.
  • And a reference mix of your song.

If you have any questions, contact us!

If it is about mixing metal, djent, prog, hardcore, death or any extreme genre, we are the ones!

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May 2020

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5 reviews for I will edit, mix and master your metal, rock, djent, prog music to sound brutal

  1. psychoticwoods

    Havoc Studios is a master a magic wizard! He REALLY knows what he is doing. He is the real deal!!! Best on Fiverr. Pure gold.. thank you ever so much!

  2. dyskolos

    With one of the best services in a long time! Super communication, mega result but the most important: here you seem to intuitively know what the customer wants. And what was conjured up here from an amateur guitar sound…I am very impressed!

  3. benpro1172

    Havoc Studio is absolutely perfect! Would definitely recommend. They kept in contact with me and didn’t make me rush anything when sending them the song, and they done an excellent job overall with it! I was aware from the beginning that they mostly did heavier songs however they managed to take my song which is more punk/ poppy, and do an amazing job editing, mixing and mastering it. This is my first time using the app and I definitely made the right choice choosing Havoc Studio!
    Muchas gracias mi amigos!

  4. ledzepelin65

    Havoc is a maestro. Working with them several times and beyond the mastering skills they now understand what we want and brings it to life. This is no fake. Just check out the latest ANGELSHARKX Singles on spotify and Youtube. Muchas Gracias

  5. lucky_lightskin

    Actually the best engineer on the platform. He used the reference perfectly! I gave him a reference and he gave me a song that had the same feel and vibe as the reference, but, kept my personality. He stuck it out through 2 revisions and he hit the nail on the head both times. He added panning, pitched down vocals, distortion, etc. into the song without me asking and I absolutely love that! I don’t know of anyone so far (on fivver, discord, any forum, irl studio etc.) that is able to deliver this quality at this price. I just really appreciate this engineer. I know a lot of people say they will use a seller again to be nice but I mean it. I WILL buy from this seller again.

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