I will edit or create from scratch a music video for your song

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Hi! My name is Kira and I am an artist, editor and creative producer. I have my own production company “MAZU prod”. We are a team of experienced multimedia professionals with a passion for video and audio. We are from Ukraine. Because of the war, I had to leave my country. But I have been working with many talented creators and clients from all over the world for a long time. I moved my team to Los Angeles. Therefore we open our UKRAINIAN production in HOLLYWOOD. So we work with even more passion and zeal, we are waiting for you online and offline! Welcome!

Our portfolio includes music, lyrics video, advertising music video, etc. We will edit your music clip with great taste and provide you with the highest quality of delivery!

We can edit your clips from your or relevant stock footage. You can have your own script and all the video materials, or take our idea and script, written by us from scratch, with stock footage.

Since your video is unique, I want to understand exactly what you need beforehand. So please take a little time to write me before you place an order!

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