I will grade your music to send to a record label

I will grade your music to send to a record label


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Do you want to know how your music will do before it is submitted to record labels?

Let a professional grade it before you spend the money to send it to a record label! 

I work as an A&R rep for MLR, and have been promoted to vice president of A&R for MLR, and Redline Records. I’ve been producing and engineering music for years and have won awards for that, through my work as an A&R rep I have worked with producers such as Rob Mathes (Panic! at the Disco, Sting, 1975, Elton John) Miles Fulwider (Grinder Blues, Norah Jones)

I will grade your music and tell you how it will stand when being submitted to a record label

  • It’s someone’s opinion. If you like your music, then someone else will like it. If a record label doesn’t accept it it’s because it won’t make them money. I am usually the person that decides that for record labels. 
  • my opinion is just that, my opinion. It only holds so much ground, another A&R rep may love your track, the Beatles were turned down by a record label before they made it. 

Your music has a story, and I want to hear it, I would be honored to let you know how it will stand before you send it to a record label.

*This gig does not submit to labels*


What record Label do you work for?

MLR is a record label based out of Indiana with a connection of Dirty Hit records, Atlantic records, and others. The label has a state-of-the-art recording studio that has been called one of the best between New York and L.A. by the leading acoustician for the nation.

What will I get?

A document that lists out the details of what I look for in a song, your song, to sign to a record label. Including:
Mix, Master, and editing critique, feel and vibe, and sellability/remembering the song along with many more details.


Winner of SOCA Best Traditional, Folk, or Jazz Recording 2 years in a row
VP of A&R for MLR
A&R for MLR & Red Line Records
MTV Top USA singles chart mixing engineer
Worked along with Rob Mathes, Miles Fulwider, and others
Booking Agent
Sweetwater University
Studio Owner
Message me for more!

Which record labels do you work for?

I am currently the head A&R for Red Line Records and have worked in the past for MLR.

Does this gig submit to record labels?

No, this is for grading your song to see how a label would respond to it.
This gig does not send your music to a label to be heard.

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May 2019

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5 reviews for I will grade your music to send to a record label

  1. fret2fret

    He has some very specific details he focuses on. He won’t just say “make the vocals louder”. He’ll follow it up with actual technique and technical suggestions. Very good at what he does.

  2. jondye113

    I have used this service multiple times in the past year and will do so again. Super useful feedback on all elements of writing and production.

  3. philipguele

    Fantastic as always! I have been returning to Lucas again and again for his keen insight, thorough evaluation, and comprehensive guidance. I totally recommend his gigs for everyone interested! Thanks again.

  4. philipguele

    It’s always enlightening to see Lucas give his in depth and thorough analysis of my songs. I’m always loaded up with great advice and solid directive guidance, which clearly instructs me for positive steps to take. I’m finding that heeding his advice has been akin to having an elite mentor educatively walk me through all the possibilities for fine tuning my music. Yeah this gig is for anyone who is open to get straight talk and useful help from an award winning industry professional! I recommend Lucas 100%!

  5. dedmeatttv

    I received honest criticism, which I appreciate, and Lucas affirmed where I was at as a songwriter. It is clear I need a lot of work, but when someone like Lucas breaks down the specifics of your shortcomings, it can only help you get better.

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