I will interview you on my radio show on downtown hott radio


$25.00 Basic Gig:

Pre-Recorded Phone Radio Interview

Up to 30 Minutes Pre-Recorded Phone Radio Interview and Broadcast on a Scheduled Saturday 2:00-4:00PM EST on Downtown Hott Radio.

$50.00 Standard Gig:

Live Phone Radio Interview

Up to 30 Minutes Live Phone Radio Interview on Downtown Hott Radio.

$75.00 Premium Gig:

Live Zoom Radio Interview

Up to 60 Minutes Live Zoom Radio Interview and Broadcast on Downtown Hott Radio.

Add Extra Services:

$10.00 Extra Fast Delivery

$10.00 Additional Revision

$10.00 Project File

$10.00 (1) Interview Replay

$10.00 Create A Flyer

$10.00 Add Your Flyer In Our Newsletter

$10.00 Add Your Flyer On Our Social Media

$10.00 Add Your Flyer On Our Website

$15.00 Zoom Interview up to 30 minutes.

I will interview you by phone live or pre-recorded and/or on Zoom with The Real RAPP Radio Show on Downtown Hott Radio.

Get your business, your brand, your music and/or your event heard on the radio in all 50 states and worldwide. with Radio Interviews, Radio Promotions, Radio AD Mentions and Radio Advertisement.

This is great for Authors, Comedians, Entertainers, Business Owners, Music Artist and All Content Creators looking to get their message on the radio.


How long is the radio interview

The average interview is up to 30 minutes.

Is this interview by phone

Yes the interview is by phone and the second option is by Zoom as an add on.

Will you send me questions

No, my radio show is unscripted.

What days do you do live radio interviews

Sunday by appointments/scheduling
Mondays thru Fridays starting at 3:00PM EST to 4:30PM EST
Saturday by appointments/scheduling

How do I tune into your radio show

You can listen on Downtown Hott Radio website, you can download the mobile app., you can listen on Tunein app. and all radio streaming apps.

Can we prerecord the radio interview

Yes and it will air on a scheduled Saturday between Saturdays 2:00PM EST to 4:00PM EST.

Can we do a Zoom interview

Yes we can do a Zoom interview

Is this a Podcast

No this is a radio show with a radio station.

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