I will listen to your music and give professional feedback on it

I will listen to your music and give professional feedback on it


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I will give professional feedback and advice on your track. 

I will carefully listen to your track and analyze it in my professional studio and give you solid written feedback on how to improve every aspect of it.

When you listen to the same track over and over for a long time, eventually it becomes difficult to hear what’s good and what’s not due to hearing fatigue. This is why objective feedback from someone else can be so useful. 

I will give you feedback on the following: 

First impression: 

  • My first impressions when listening to the track. 

Melodic Elements:

  • Feedback on the melodic aspects of the track
  • Vocals
  • Melodies
  • Atmosphere
  • The choice of sounds
  • Drive
  • kick, percussion 
  • +++

Track Structure:

  • Arrangement as a whole
  • low & high energy
  • tension and release
  • transitions and bridges
  • +++

Mixing and mastering

  • EQ
  • Compression
  • Stereo width
  • Levels
  • Mono compability
  • Dynamic range
  • Reverb, delay etc
  • Frequency analyzes (Standard & premium)
  • +++


  • Time stamped walk through of the track from start to end with commentary along the way.

Final Notes:

  • Short summary and final thoughts. 

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


How do I send you my music for review?

You can attach your music as a WAV or MP3 file when ordering. Just click the attachment icon and upload your file. If you order the basic gig you can giive me a youtube or soundcloud link, but if you order the premium gig and want spectrum analysis you will have to attach a file.

Is it safe to buy this? What insurance do I have?

The Fiverr platform maintains the interest of both buyer and seller, which is why I use this platform. When you order, your money will not be withdrawn until you mark the order as complete. If the order is not delivered, you don’t pay anything, so there’s no risk.

Can you mix and master my track?

Yes, I have dedicated gigs set up for mixing and mastering purposes. I recommend ordering feedback first, and then order mastering after you’ve received the review.

Why should I buy the premium gig?

The premium gig includes spectrum analysis and a detailed walk trough. During analysis I will check the levels, stereo width and mono compability. During walktrough I will go trough the entire track from start to finish and comment with time stamps along the way. I recommend buying the premium gig.

Will you listen to my track again once I’ve made the necessary modifications?

I won’t be able to answer questions about your track once the order is completed. A lot of people send me revisions of their track afterwards, and want additional feedback. This is very time consuming for me. If you want additional help or feedback, then you’ll have to place another order.

Are there any revisions included?

No, this is a one time delivery only. There’s no revisions provided. If you have follow up questions, or aything like that then you can buy the follow up questions extra for $5.

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5 reviews for I will listen to your music and give professional feedback on it

  1. nickeljt

    I’ve asked feedback for my music from quite a few people and I don’t believe any of them were as helpful and informative as Firewalk. He was not only honest with his feedback, which is what I expected, but he was also friendly with his feedback. He gave some valuable hints and tips I wouldn’t have thought of and even told me how most tracks in the genre I’m producing should work and what they’re all about. All in all, I couldn’t ask for a better person to give feedback for my track and I’m glad I’ve made the decision to hire him. I’ll be sure to work with him again once I’m ready for it in my next project.

  2. incentivelamar

    I love this guy’s feedback!
    I was struggling to make a difficult decision regarding my back up vocals, and received a lot of useful insights about my track from firewalk’s music review.
    Hire him if you need a professional review of your music from someone with a finely tuned ear, or have any questions on how to make your music sound better!

  3. matthew_hickman

    I have to say, this is an outstanding review of my Cinematic/Pop track from the top gig and I thoroughly enjoyed having non biased feedback; it’s very refreshing and wholesome in a way. I love your YouTube videos, which is why I thought to check your gigs out. I will be back very soon indeed! 🤩

  4. stefanianev

    What a thorough and detailed review.
    I first discovered Firewalk on YouTube and after seeing the quality of his videos I decided I need to have him take a look at my track.
    Gave me so many great tips and ideas I could implements right away.
    I definitely recommend getting the premium option because the step by step walk through was so valuable…and for that price it is a steal.
    Very happy with this service and definitely plan on making it regular thing because it will save me countless hours in the long run.
    Also the service was very promptly delivered so nothing but good things to say here!

  5. tcapo1185

    I received much more than I was expecting. He gave me a clear explanation of everything and very well detailed. It’s well worth the money and I will be using his services in the near future.

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