I will make 10 dollar godlike 4min anime music video amv

I will make 10 dollar godlike 4min anime music video amv


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  • 1,2,3,4 min = 10$

Starting my prices low, have to grind for ratings

Why me?

  • wait, this isn’t about me, it’s about your amv! please read below! lol

Extras to shape your amv the way you want!

  • 5$ = Custom Thumbnail
  • 5$ = Colorgrade
  • 15$ = Shakes
  • 20$ = Effects pack
  • 50$ = Story type AMV

My Pros (said by clients)

  • My style is perfect for fast songs
  • Heartwarming on slow songs
  • Experienced at choosing scenes
  • Godly at text animation
  • Versatile library of anime
  • Good at suggesting

I Need

  • Your song ,mp3, wav or link
  • The anime(s) you want (or you can leave it to me)

I Give

  • 1080p amv, with and without lyrics

Seriously why me?

  • Because I gained 500 reviews in 3 months lol


Do I have to message you first?


What is a Custom Offer

If you need something specific like NSFW amv, bundle order, super long amv, etc. or if you have a higher budget, message me for a custom offer.

Additional information



Member since

Nov 2020

Avg. response time

1 hour

Last delivery

about 8 hours

5 reviews for I will make 10 dollar godlike 4min anime music video amv

  1. nocplates

    My g u go so hard on these let’s get a lot more done bro hit me on chat I didn’t leave a tip cuz all I have is $5 in the bank and the service fee makes it nearly $7 Send me ur paypal and I’ll send it to u!!

  2. juzoubeats

    Just wow the quality of this is insane my man even did extra stuff for it.
    So only thing i have to say is if you are looking for high quality amv tintin is the way to go.

  3. ckjetx

    He got back to me same day i ordered so i knew he was legit. had it delivered on time and i can tell he’s super passionate about what he dose! such attention to detail!!!! every time i watch it i notice something new i didn’t see before!
    i can tell you that every single other review is completely on point! amazing… amazing. definitely ordering from tin tin again!!!πŸ™

  4. laurapalmer468

    Tintin’s work is absolutely at the premium level – the speed, attention to detail, and the perfect alignment with my lyrics totally blew me away. It looks like a real music video, and I can’t stop watching it over and over again haha. If you’re looking for someone who can make your song seem 10x more badass with amazing video editing and effects, look no further. A million stars out of five. 😍

  5. plaguedxkitten

    Working with tintin355 was an amazing experience! He had great energy when I talked about the project with him and he really gave it his all!
    When I first received the video there had seemed to be a miscommunication, and I was extremely worried about the amount of work the revision would be.
    Tintin355 said absolutely nothing but “Got you, man” and took care of it.
    This video is very special to me and I am extremely glad I entrusted tintin355 to this video.
    Will for sure be a returning customer. Thank you!

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