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Dear Fiverr buyer,

I will edit and produce an ULTRA HIGH DEFINITION 4K 24p music video for your music that is on par with the music video industry standard+ FULL HD 1080p included

The video will consist of hand-picked royalty-free stock clips, optimized to match your music as much as our footage library allows us .The clips are from my previous projects, royalty free stock footage websites and other websites where I have paid subscriptions on. (copyright free)

For full length samples:

“Cristo Cola – Ndjenja Pa Fjale” or “Aferdita Dreshaj – Topless (Cristo Cola Remix)” on Youtube or my channel Cristo Cola Studios

How does it work?

You will have to attach your audio file, a copy of the lyrics(need it to better understand the context) and a brief description of what your song talks about .

Check FAQ below for what kind of songs and themes work best with this service .

I will also design the title for the song in Adobe Illustrator for free .

Commercial Use Allowed(Check the FAQ) 


Cristo Cola


What kind of songs work best with your footage library?

These are some keywords :
Love,dance,clubs,loneliness,electronic music,hip-hop,parents,joy,trap music,happiness,living life,abstract,religious,heartbreak,smoking ,motivational,world problems .
I can work with other themes too, feel free to contact me and we can discuss .

Commercial Terms of Use

You may not cut separate clips from the whole video and sell them as stock footage in stock footage sites.
You may may not edit the content in such a way that may make the people in the video appear in a bad light including but not limited to pornographic or other unsuitable content.

Can I monetize my video ?

Of course you can monetize your video but you may not apply such technological measures to prevent other people from using some of the footage that has been used on your video like Youtube Content ID .
Make sure to disable content ID before monetizing your video .

Do you create lyric videos too?

Of course, I create animated , live action lyric videos . It is listed as an extra under the gig.

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