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TEAM AYAKASHI アヤカシ Partnered with Jaxzander

We are a group of pro Video Editors that have been editing Anime Music Videos for years. AMV is one of the best ways to promote your music, so why not take advantage and commission an outstanding music video that will give you exposure, boost your likes and views, and make your music known worldwide

We will make an AMV with Perfect Story, Clip selection , Smooth Transitions , Good Sync & Effects , Color Corrections, Overlays and VFX

Reasons to hire us :

  1.  we’ve been editing anime videos for over 5 years 
  2.  we use Professional editing software Adobe After Effects CC, Adobe Premiere & Sony Vegas Pro 18
  3. we can provide High Quality 1080p or 2160p (4k video quality)
  4. we can make AMV of any Genre [ Romance | Comedy | Action | Horror | Adult ]
  5. we can work with every music genre Jazz, Pop, Rock, Rap, EDM
  6.  we always deliver work before the deadline
  7. we have done over 2000+ orders on all freelancing platforms

Note – To avoid cancellations, Please contact us before placing an order


What is an anime music video?

An anime music video (AMV) typically is a fan-made music video consisting of clips from one or more Japanese animated shows or movies set to an audio track, often songs or promotional trailer audio

Which Software Do You Use?

We use Adobe After Effects CC , Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Sony Vegas Pro.

Do I create custom characters or animations?

I don’t create characters or animations. I’m a video editor not an animator

Can I promote the video on Social Media Sites?

Yes, you can promote it anywhere on social media YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc.

Can I use the video without copyright issues?

Yes the videos that i make are copyright free and can be monetized without any problem.

I found a cheaper service here on Fiverr. Why should I choose you?

There are many reasons but here are the top
Quality of work – Compare our videos with work from other sellers and see a notable difference in quality. We care about the final product – Our goal is to give you best possible video that matches the vibe of your song and synchronize with your track

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